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Eve Diamond - SME Business Advisor


There can be times in any business when you feel things are getting out of hand. Maybe you’re growing too fast – or not fast enough – or you’re looking to exit and want to improve your cash flow or profit. Eve Diamond specialises in providing business advice and being your locum CFO. With strategic financial and management advice that will improve efficiency, profitability and give you your confidence back.

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Cash-flow Blockages…

cashflow solutions - cashflow advice diamond business advisory
Is poor cash-flow stifling your business?

Eve Diamond offers proven methods to unlock your cash and ensure a steady and frequent flow of money through the door.
Cash-flow Fixes

Stalling Sales & Profit…

stalled profit and sales - get the business coaching and business advice you need
Business growth hit an unexpected ceiling?

Eve Diamond provides the highest quality strategic business advice to businesses to fast track their growth and prosperity.
Profit Solutions

Business Struggles…

SME Business Troubleshooting - get the business coaching and business advice you need
Are you finding business tough, not sure what to do next?

Eve Diamond  can work with you to identify the pain points and advise ways to turn your business around.
Turnaround Solutions

Diamond Advisory vs Typical Coaches, Mentors & Accountants


Coaches / Mentors


Diamond Advisory

Proven system to increase Profit

Proven System to increase Cashflow

Proven system to profitably sell your business

Proven system to solve key business problems

Hands on Help when you need it

Uses Everyday language

Is available at times to suit you

For small issues, or low hanging fruit – this entire process can be accomplished in a few hours…

How long we work together is entirely up to you.

What our clients say

Small Business Coaching Diamond Advisory Testimonial AW

Alison Warren

She’s professional, but feisty, scrupulously honest and has a no prisoners approach and she REALLY knows her stuff.

When you have Eve in your corner, your getting the best possible business advice.

There is no business problem she can’t troubleshoot.

Startup Coaching - Diamond Business Advisory

Jennie Cody

A wealth of valuable resources – I downloaded all 4 and couldn’t be happier…. I’ve been in my own business nearly 20 years and I still found things that were new and that I could apply.

Many thanks for generously sharing this info.

Small Business Coaching Diamond Advisory Testimonial GG

Gerard Gibney

Eve was always the most down to earth and practical accountancy person I have ever met – she really understood business and the way it works.

Cash flow Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory Cash-flow Coach

John McInner

Many business owners let accounts get to the 60 or even 90 day receivables level and then it is a real grind to keep the cash flow going. …. You showed me it is critical for cash-flow to get as many customers as possible to pay on time.

Success Stories – see how well this business advice works!

Labour Force Optimisation - SME Advisory Staffing Advice

Staffing Optimisation

Staffing Optimisation Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory assessed staff as being appropriately placed and/or appropriately paid

Profit Improvement - Business Advice, business coaching, CFO advice

Profit Improvement

Profit Improvement Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory helped a hospitality business create sustainable 30% profits year on year.

Cashflow improvement advice - cash flow solutions Diamond Advisory SME cashflow Advisory

Cash flow Improvement

Cash flow Improvement Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory helped a hospitality business to have 35% cash flow increase and also cost savings of over 9% in the first twelve months.

Business Turnaround Case Study - business advisor

Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory cut operational costs by 17% and increase funding by 12%