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Rapidly scaling start-up:

You’ve proven your idea and you want your business to grow fast! Diamond Advisory provides structural, process and management accounting business advice to help you keep control, boost your profits and manage your systems and processes so they expand as your business grows.

Stalled business:

Hit a pothole on the road to success?  Staff issues, cash-flow issues, general malaise?   Diamond Business Advisory is an accounting practice that specialises in providing the highest quality strategic business advice to businesses to fast track their growth and prosperity.

Seeking profitable ways out:

If you’re looking to exit your business, have a key business partner who wants out, or are considering selling or merging, Diamond Advisory specialises in delivering business advice for exit strategies that will maximise your return and ensure you get the best result possible from your sale.


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Consulting Services

Diamond Business Advisory offers personalised business advice and accounting services on a project basis or retainer. These services can range from delivering a single solution, to ongoing work with a locum Chief Financial Officer. We can also run an business health check over your business to pinpoint issues and address improvements.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

Articles and Blogs

As a business advisor trusted by Bank of America and The Project – Diamond Business Advisory’s  website features blogs and articles that answer common finance accounting and business questions along with business advice on current issues in plain English with a bit of fun and sass.  These are free to access – with over 100 posts (spanning nearly 10 years of research) there is quite a variety to choose from on our Blog.

Tools and Templates

FREE DIY Help – Diamond Business Advisory has developed simple checklists, quizzes and guides for you to take your own DIY business improvement journey.  These will save you time, and cover a few more bases than you might have thought of yourself – improving efficiency, profitability and giving you your confidence back. Pick one that interest you (or pick them all ) on the Good Stuff page.

Brilliant Business Advice – How we help….

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Selling & Exiting

Business solutions to put you back in controlcreate and maximise growthtroubleshoot and boost profits

There can be times in any business when you feel things are getting out of hand. Maybe you’re growing too fast – or not fast enough – or you’re looking to exit and want to improve your cash flow or profit. Eve Diamond specialises in providing business advice and being your locum CFO. With  strategic financial and management advice that will improve efficiency, profitabilty and give you your confidence back. Fall in love with your business again!


What our clients say

Having Eve on my side was a godsend.
She is a combination of business adviser, CFO and personal coach. She taught me more about my business and how to structure it for growth than anyone else – and saved my backside on many occasions!

Kylie Davis

Eve tells you the truth you need to know about your business. If you’re in trouble, she’ll help you turn it around. If you’re doing well, she’ll help you perform even better and be your biggest cheerleader. Working with her has been an inspiration.

Cash flow Improvement advice - cashflow help Diamond Business Advsiory

Cameron Huntly

She’s professional, but feisty, scrupulously honest and has a no prisoners approach and she REALLY knows her stuff. When you have Eve in your corner, your getting the best possible business advice. There is no business problem she can’t troubleshoot.

Alison Warren

Case Studies – see how well our business advice works!

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