Proactive Accountants….

This week I have engaged in an interesting experiment – I listed on several accounting LinkedIn Groups the questions “What is a Proactive Accountant?”.
With only one exception all the 26 responses were along the lines of either:
a) those who contacts their client more than once a year
b) those who undertake marketing and update their internal systems and procedures regularly.
This approach is not about building trusted relationships and providing practical, and relevant, advice; these answers are about accountant profiteering.
Where did the servant/leadership, coaching/mentoring aspects go?
Consider your own accountants’ way of working with you…

  • Are they “pushing” information to you more than listening?
  • Are they open to co-training or co-coaching or mentoring?
  • Do they make it a point of investing in others, rather than just themselves?

If I ever stop being a mentor, caring about my clients and their needs, and instead I become driven for purely my own gains, please feel free to judge me on it accordingly.

What sort of relationship do you need from your accountant or Financial Controller?

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