Does your accountant talk at you then send you home?

Accountants provide good tax and compliance advice but often fall short when it comes to guidance on how to improve business, or better manage risks.

You must know what to ask the tax accountant
to get more information on improving your business!

So, to help your business prosper we have put together a SMART ACCOUNTING list of 9 questions you probably never thought to ask your accountant
Some sample questions from our FREE CHECKLIST – What to ask the Tax Accountant:

  1. What do you estimate my profit will be in this coming year, and why?
  2. What 5 Business KPIs do I need to monitor for the next 12 months?
    (how do you calculate these and get them in place for a monthly



…Many Accountants tried to have this list banned, because it makes them think outside their comfy tax box!…

This list will push your accountants into thinking beyond tax – leading them to consider ways to help your business grow.
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