We all want to be successful

But how do we know when we are?


Success is often linked with “attainment of honours”

* Money;   Rich = successful
* Power;   President = successful
* Fame;   Rockstar = successful

I am not totally convinced about this slant on success, and apparently it turns out nor are the rich, powerful, and famous…
Often I see interviews with these rich, powerful and famous people AFTER their success has faded; and what comes out of these interviews, time after time, is that “From the outside they look successful, but on the inside they were miserable about where they are at (and often continue to be so).”
What does the dictionary say?


  1. (noun) the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
    “the president had some success in restoring confidence”

  3. (archaic) the good or bad outcome of an undertaking.
    “the good or ill success of their maritime enterprises”

Given that success is so ephemeral, especially for owners of SMEs, how do we go about achieving it?
Business Owners can find this specially hard to pin down success – entrepreneurs tend to be statistically less concerned with mainstream opinions, AND more at the behest of global economic changes, natural disasters etc.
What is the Definition of Success for SMEs?
I found this recently, and think it is PERFECT! (not just for SME owners but pretty well everyone…)


  1. Liking Yourself
  2. Liking what you do
  3. Liking how you do it

The reason I love this definition so much is that no matter where you are, what you do or how much you may already have – on this basis ANYONE can be successful….


Success for SMEs is all about what YOU CHOOSE

And if you are not sure how to make really great choices have a read of:

Setting Objectives in 5 easy steps

and also, perhaps more importantly:

When is Dumping your Goals OK?


So right now ask yourself these two questions:

– What in your life can you spend more time and effort choosing to LIKE
– What in your life do you not like that you can choose to get rid of?

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