Business Stress Test

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SME Stress Test – which of these 6 areas is your business weakness?

Is your Business Strong enough to Survive a Crisis?
Is it strong enough to survive day to day hic-ups?
Is it making you as much money as it can?

Take this test to find out…


Take this Business Stress Test to boost your profits quickly, start working on the areas of your business that need the most help!

A test to see how stressed your business is and reveal where you need to focus to make it more resilient and profitable.

Covering the following areas of your business this test is about identifying your “blind spots”

  1. management ability
  2. compliance
  3. money savy
  4. sales and marketing
  5. operations
  6. staffing

BE HONEST – you are the only one who will see the answers…!

How did you Score

YES is the best answer in all cases… The more “Maybe” and especially “No” answers you have, the more work is needed to improve your business resilience; a side effect of improved resilience will be lowering your personal stress and improving your profitability.

We recommend you start with categories that have more than 2 “No” answers and begin addressing each – you may need outside help with this (after all it is a very unusual person who is strong in every one of these 6 areas).

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