Budget Debug – Informal CFO Help for boosting your budget


A perfectly targeted way to quickly improve your budget and budgeting skills by using this informal CFO service with Guaranteed Results

Uncover at least 3 ways to improve your budget


Budget Debug will efficiently review your existing budget – in just 1 hour, making sure it is working in every way possible to assist you, rather than hinder you.

Use your budgets as an effective business management tool AND ask more powerful business questions – saving you mistakes, time and money.


Budget Debug Explained – $165

Flush out Budget niggles and the root causes of the Forecasting issues that keep you awake!

Budget Debug is a mini check-up that will quickly review your business budgeting tools and processes making sure you can get them working in every way possible to assist you, rather than hinder you – highlighting any blind spots in your business; pinpointing any areas needing to see some TLC.
A budget is a listing of what you intend to earn and spend, usually during the next financial year – it should outline what you want to get done in your business in monetary terms. If you don’t make the resources available to fulfill your goals how will you get there? This is why having a budget is so vital.

During this meeting we will uncover at least 3 ways you can significantly improve budgeting within 8 weeks.
This new knowledge will help you improve your profits, reduce your costs, unlock cashflow and boost your business success!



After we cover some background (Business status, size, age, industry etc) we will discuss and improve your budget:

  • Embrace your Budget as a reference for making profitable decisions
  • Analyse your existing budgets, and accounts for errors, and improvements
  • Assess the ability to upgrade your Simple Budget to enable better forecasting (Rolling Budget)
  • Communicate with your book-keeper and accountant more effectively about planned business decisions and needs
  • Save financing fees

Each debug is one hour of expert review and advice, over the phone/Skype:

  • 25 minutes to understand your current business and budget situation
  • 25 minutes for recommendations development
  • 10 minutes for review and confirmation of your Next Steps

Giving you the outcomes and advice you need to incrementally assess, then target the under-performing aspects of your business one step at a time.


1. Professional Advice – informal CFO, no strings attached

Your Budget will be professionally reviewed by Eve Blackall, a qualified CPA so you get the benefit of experience, analytics, systems and models, plus strategic advice all combined with 25 years of entrepreneurial experience.

2. Quick and easy results with minimum of fuss

For only 60 minutes of your time you get at least 3 ways to improve your business within 8 weeks.

3. Sleep more soundly at night

You get greater peace of mind from having someone independent (and supportive) advise where to focus next to make really significant planning improvements

4. Flexible enough to work when you want

These check-ups can be done at anytime to suit you – I fit in with you because working on your business often needs to happen outside of when you are working in your business.

5. A simple phone call or Skype if you prefer?

By starting with a survey, as the basis of this Budget Debug, I interact with you and your answers so you receive relevant and accurate advice, not just a random to-do list, and the ‘face-to-face’ time (on Skype or over the phone) enables us to make sure you will really get the most from selling your business.

6. Get the Jump on your Competitors

Your business needs to be running like a well oiled machine to be successful in the current market climate – using this debug to you can make sure your planning is as efficient and effective as possible.


Cost: $165

The reason for this fantastic value, is because I want to get to know you a little bit better – to prove how well we can work together and how quickly this can help your business. I see this as an investment in our relationship – when we do a great job on your budgeting you will be itching to discover where else in your business you can unlock hidden money and put more profit exactly where you need it!

Unlike the usual coaching and consulting your budget debug will include insider tips & tricks that most people never know exist.


Who you talk to

Eve BlackallEve Blackall is an informal CFO who insists on practical solutions to help hundreds of business owners during a 25 year career as an accountant.
My reputation is for straight talking, with a tell-it-like-it-is style, and I am passionate about using SMEs finances to uncover their hidden profits.



If you are not completely satisfied with the call, I will refund your money, in full, on the spot.

I promise to only recommend working together further if I truly believe I can help you, – I also have a massive network of business experts and advisers who I can also put you in touch with if that is appropriate.

This debug is based on my signature 17 ways to improve your Budget; wand this phone call will debug your budget by tailoring the best 3 key ways your business can improve your budget right now!

P.S. Why let the next six months of the year be packed with uncertainty as parts of your business thrive, but other parts continues to flounder? Uncover the secrets you need to make more powerful and profitable decisions for greater business success!



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