What our circle of SMEs is thinking about: …

Big THANKS to all those who participated in our SME Survey, we had an outstanding response rate.
A quick summary of the SME Survey Results:

  1. Cashflow and sales/marketing continue to be the two biggest challenges for 2013
  2. 60% of respondents have an accounting system but are not using it as a tool for profitable decision making
  3. Although in Australia theft by staff is estimated at $500 million per annum, less than half of respondents have in place any safeguards (although to be fair 25% of respondents work solely with their family and as they pointed out it would be REALLY bad if they were stealing!)
  4. Only 1/4 of people are actively ensuring their business is ready for sale

SME Survey Results imageclick here to open bigger graphs in new window
We were a little surprised by the last group of responses, as selling a business should generate a significant profit and is usually part of an owner’s retirement plan! Your business is just like a house, it needs to be maintained, from time to time renovated, and well and truly in tip top condition to maximise the price. The great news is we are now developing a range of new services and also stay tuned for some FREE RESOURCES to get you started.
For those who have never visited our shop there are currently 5 FREE CHECKLISTS to help you get the most out of your business. Add them to your cart, fill in your details and check-out then download away – we developed these and make them FREE to help you so take advantage and share them around.

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Don’t let your business be the worst dressed at the party

Find out where the opportunities are right now to maximise your profit, improve your cashflow and increase your overall business value.
Consultations from 1 Hour to 3 days; or total business renovations – we identify the key places where money is locked hiding in your business and show you ways for getting it into your back pocket. We will even work beside you to implement the advice through to successful completion ensuring you get excellent results.
You get to deal one-to-one with the Principal Eve Blackall, additional resources are only brought in when required and agreed; not many consultants have as much experience and expertise in advising SMEs as our principal Eve Blackall who has been consulting to businesses and business owners for over 25 years.

You can think about what you need to do next, you can browse around forever, but if you want to really extract every drop of money-juice from your business then phone us in Melbourne now on (03) 9696 7354 or start a conversation by filling in the form below and letting us know when is a convenient time to chat.

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