DIY Simple Business Dashboard 8 KPIs – Worksheet


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1 Page – Simple Business Dashboard – set-up and ready for you to populate your own SME Data.


Use this Excel Spreadsheet with 8 Key Business Indicators to transform your raw data, locked away in your accounting system, into valuable knowledge for improving your profits….


Simple Business Dashboard 8 KPIs – Worksheet DIY Graphs


Enter your financial data and 8 graphs will show meaningful information about your business performance and financial results AT A GLANCE… it is this clear!

Use this DIY worksheet to gain actionable insight to improve your results – you can regularly measure, monitor, and see your own business trends progress.


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Convert your own data into GOLD, by following our easy instructions and always accurately reflect your business information.

When completed regularly your working life becomes easier and more productive through the use of these powerful Business Intelligence and Performance Management reports – just like large organisations.

The Business Dashboard – DIY worksheet has these 8 Key Business Indicators:

  • Business Status
    1. Profitability – Profit Margin
    2. Solvency Solvency – Current Ratio
    3. Gearing – Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Business Performance
    1. Inventory – Inventory Turnover
    2. Debtors – Debtors Days
    3. Fixed Cost Margin
    4. Variable Cost Margin
    5. Employee Productivity – Sales per Employee


If your initial calculation isn’t quite what you hoped for then go ahead and email us – we fully support this worksheet and so you can make a time and have a chat.


Never again will the fact that you don’t have large in-house IT department or a big consulting budget prevent you from getting the right information, at the right time, to enable you, and your managers, to make informed decisions and then take action to build a better, stronger business.

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