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For the graph below the extra details would be:


Simple Dashboard with Explanations

Quick Ratio Example image


Your Cash is increasing but so are your Debts – indicating a cash-flow crisis is on its way

In the last three months the amount of cash and cash-like assets that you have has been increasing BUT meanwhile the money you own your suppliers, on your Credit Card and other short term loans has increased. This is a regular problem with rapid growth and often leads to cash-flow freezes.

a) Address your bills – focus on collecting your debtors asap to free up cash and repay overdue accounts and any short-term loans.
b) Pay all creditors on the last day possible (still avoiding penalties) and look at shortening your current Debtors terms to enable you to collect funds sooner.
c) If this is planned to be ongoing, also look at the benefits of converting any high interest short term loans into lower interest secured (longer term) loans with regularly repayments.

Your Quick Ratio (Black line) is calculated as Current Assets divided by Current Liabilities:

  Current Assets (blue columns)               OR                   Cash + Accounts Receivable        

     Current Liabilities (red columns)                           Current Borrowings + Accounts Payable

In this case the ratio (black line) is declining because although your Current Assets (blue columns) are currently on the increase your Current Liabilities (red columns) are increasing FASTER!



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