Sex sells, what about bringing the sexy back into Accounting?

I have just read two unrelated blogs in the last 1/2 hour about “Bringing the sexy back”…one on metrics and the other about newspapers…*
So I got wondering what “Sexy” really means, (especially in the context of things I consider completely mundane) and found some definitions:

sex y

[sek-see] 1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué
2. sexually interesting or exciting;
3. excitingly appealing; glamorous

and I have to admit, in the general public’s eyes at least, it seems Accounting too has lost its appeal.
20 years ago accounting was sexy – not in a risque kind of way; never-the-less trusted advisors guided business soundly, and profitably by using a mix of knowledge, ethics and skill. At the very least accounting was exciting because it fostered real growth and real profits.
These days it seems that there is little guidance, and fewer ethics, applied to accounting which has evolved (de-volved??) into a bastion of compliance.

Are there ways to Bring the Sexy back into Accounting?

I have always pictured my job as an accountant as excitingly appealing, if none too glamorous. I have helped to start and shape many successful businesses that in turn have created employment, thrilled their customers and clients and given back to their communities – but it seems I am currently alone in this opinion.
Truly, I don’t understand why this degeneration has come about as surely everyone wants:

  • timely and meaningful specialist knowledge ?
  • interpretive wisdom ?
  • business improvement ?

and after all that is what accounting is about!
Readers, let us champion for business effectiveness and efficiency, work towards growth instead of tax “avoidance”, to bring the sexy back into Accounting!

Feel very free to email me if you have a brilliant idea to contribute.

Find out  how exciting accounting can be – try asking your accountant some of these questions…