Don’t think sexy accounting is possible?

Here are some of your suggestions….

In my recent post I asked the question
Are there ways to bring the Sexy back into Accounting?
There was a surprisingly high level of traffic and number of responses across various linked-in forums. I added as many as I found to the comments section of that post. But I do think it a shame to let them wallow in oblivion so here is a summary of what I consider to be the highlights – just for a laugh this Queen’s Birthday weekend in Aust.

The Incredulous

Those that simply couldn’t get their heads around the concept:

Its a good question Eve..but beyond me..It seems hard to conceptualize using the word sexy to describe accounting (some accountants perhaps..but not accounting)
I look forward to the ideas expressed here..

I had no idea Accounting ever was sexy Eve!
I will be looking at balance sheets with a whole new perspective now…

The Creative

Out-there suggestions:

Now if we could get a TV series going like a CSI type show who knows. Being a forensic scientist would be more tedious than auditing one would think, yet the number of young ones wanting this career path is astounding and all because its seen as glamorous through exposure on a TV series. Forensic accounting maybe?? Believe it or not i have tossed this one over with someone in the industry but not much success yet. I know I’m being a little flippant but it seems to have worked for other professions.

The Believers

Accountants who have ALWAYS considered accounting sexy:

Sexy includes accountants at any level in any organisation being hands on, rolling up sleeves, not seeing work as beneath them and working really hard.
Consider, for example: the variety of career pathways for accountants and the fact that your skills can be used right across the world as well as on your doorstep; the substantial responsibilities in holding intimate, confidential information and in effectively communicating technical knowledge to those who don’t know what you know, who may not communicate to you what you need to know and who can’t necessarily comprehend what you can comprehend;

The Futurists

Technology will save the day:

The only way I see sexy going back into accounting is via ‘cloud accounting’.

I agree that the cloud is making accounting a much more interesting field and the ability to connect add-ons to your cloud accounting solutions is making solutions so much simpler for small business.
The next 5 years in the accounting industry will be very interesting to watch

The Communicators

Accounting needs to use a different spin:

Eve, I think it is important for non accounting folks to know they can rely on us to get the compliance right (non-sexy) as that trust is important. Then if you understand how the numbers get put together, it is communicating the importance of those numbers and what if analysis.
Most people are fascinated by what if – “What if” is sexy .

I think there’s a lot to be said for keeping things brief with high impact presentation. Hiding brilliance in pages and pages of notes to and forming part of the accounts or producing door-stopper reports month in month out is not “sexy”. Imagine using that time to create something insightful and succinct – something seen and immediately understood!

Numbers on a financial statement is life expressed in numbers – they never lie.
Mark S

Are you kidding me? Accounting is SEXY … it is the language of business and without language what would you have? Texting that is even more grammatically disjointed!
Twitter without words? Emails without messages!
Accounting ties us all together!

The Pragmatists

It is all up to us accountants to impact our own image

I hear ethics and trust are the new sexy. Why not keep it simple?

Speaking as a lapsed accountant I think the problem is with the way accounting is taught; the first lesson is always provide for losses and it’s downhill from there on. No wonder we’re considered not sexy.

Many (not all) accountants that I have worked with niche themselves into describing the performance result (lag KPI) after the fact rather than being active in, and taking responsibility in partnership, for making it happen (Lead KPI). Sexy to me is ‘how involved and proactive’ people are. Engagement and proactivity is good, counting beans is bad!

Thanks one and all for your great input, it was a fabulous discussion.

Feel very free to email me if you have a brilliant idea to contribute.