Project Description

Getting Started and Start-up Advice


Have you a bold new idea or are you a passionate new business owner looking for start-up advice and support?

If you’re looking to start a business or get start-up advice Diamond Advisory can help you get your business moving on the right foot.

Getting Started Services include:

  • Business Plans
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Market analysis and strategic recommendations
  • Finance sourcing and applications
  • Accounting, CRM and other Software advice
  • Product profitability analysis and advice
  • Operational cost and pricing analysis and improvements
  • Staff engagement initiatives  and enabling high-performance teams
  • Pricing and profitability models
  • Outsourcing v insourcing advice, planning and management
  • Financial systems configuration
  • Contract and procurement negotiation and management
  • HR policies, award and compliance advice
  • Process maps, checklists and optimisation
  • Project management and project Accounting
  • Risk analysis and strategy development

Start-ups need careful planning to bring them to fruition, and the Start-up advice Diamond Advisory brings to your table can be invaluable – we will ensure your dream flourishes, not goes down the drain.

Many excellent operators start their own business with two very clear requirements;

  • to no longer work for the boss they currently have
  • to earn more money for themselves

however even after a few years those goals sadly, all too often, remain only partly met.

Make sure your start-up has every advantage by building a road-map to success.


Looking for Start-up advice?

Find out how to turn your dream to success….

What we do…

Choose your Start-Up Options:

Each venture and entrepreneur is different, (thank heavens or our job would get really boring) and when it comes to start-ups there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. That’s why Diamond Advisory’s Start-Up advice is setup as small components and therefore you are able to choose scalable outcomes to exactly fit your budget and needs.

From validating your idea, through to assisting with funding – our Start-up packages cover it all; choose from the ready made list below, or we can tailor a set of services to suit your needs.