These services are the highest quality strategic business advice for SMEs to fast track their growth and prosperity.

We work with our clients to ensure they are confident about the financial fundamentals and
direction of their businesses so then they can really focus on doing what they love AND flourishing profitably.

Start-Up Advice - SME Start-up Advisor
Starting out is confusing!

Get proactive accounting advice that will save you time and money ensuring you launch with the most profitable structure, costs and pricing information.

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Growth and Expansion Advice - SME Advisor
Growth needs to be kept at your pace!

Grow strategically and intentionally with brilliant advice on scaling your business without sacrificing your profit.

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Optimising Business Success by Eve Diamond
Success is tricky to sustain over time!

Well advised strategic tweaks can have an exponential impact on profitability and growth without causing any backlash.

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Process Advisor - Eve Diamond Business Advice
There’s a lot of complexity in getting your team humming!

Ensure your systems and processes support your staff (and your budget) and as you progress you can even get fancy and add KPIs for keeping your team on track.

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SME Troubleshooting advice by Eve Diamond at Diamond Business Advisory
Sometimes in small business things go wrong!

Most SME owners, no matter what the size, have niggles that keep them awake, – the kind of problems they think are either too murky to fully understand, or too messy to easily solve.

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Selling Advice Exiting Advice - business advice Diamond Advisory
Is your nest-egg ready? what will happen in a personal change in circumstance?

Getting exit ready, doesn’t necessary mean you need to sell right now, but it does mean you are well prepared for every opportunity – ensuring you to exit for the price of your dreams, with a smooth handover, and happy customers, clients, staff and buyers.

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Where to get started…..

Tools and Templates

Diamond Business Advisory offers checklists, quizzes and guides that can get you started, save you time, and cover a few more bases than you might have thought of yourself. These are available to download for free from the Good Stuff page.

Consulting Services

Diamond Business Advisory offers personalised business advisory and accounting services on a project basis or retainer for longer term commitments. These services can range from delivering a single solution, or full chief financial officer solution. We can also run an accounting audit over your business to understand where the issues are and what needs fixing if you are really stuck.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

Articles and Blogs

The Diamond Business Advisory website features blogs and articles that answer common accounting and business questions and current issues with a bit of fun and sass.  These are free to use – with over 100 blog posts (spanning nearly 10 years of research) there is quite a variety to choose from on our Blog.

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