Unlock your business’s hidden potential by accessing innovative methods to steer you to success.

Whether it be to make a diagnosis and provide smart business solutions, or to help you launch a new project successfully – partnering with Diamond Advisory is the greatest advantage a business can have. Out-shine your competition because you are choosing a business consultant with all the technical skills and knowledge that you will ever require.

No matter what the size of your business, Eve Diamond is highly capable and extremely experienced in developing practical improvements, specifically driving effectiveness and efficiency.

Most of the time, start-ups and SMEs overlook the importance of engaging a consultant especially in the early stages of their business.

When working with Diamond Advisory 30 years of hands-on business leadership and knowledge can be called upon at the critical points in your organisation’s life cycle, so using these skills can be the difference between whether or not your business rises from being a tiny endeavour into a champion.

Start-Up Advice - SME Start-up Advisor

Start-up Advice

Start on the right foot with brilliant advice on structure, costs and pricing with proactive accounting advice that will save you time and money as you grow.

Growth and Expansion Advice - SME Advisor

Growth and Expansion Advice

A growing business can be demanding, and to grow any enterprise, no matter what size, you need sound advice. That’s where Diamond Advisory come in – working with you ensuring the advice your business receives makes everything work in harmony, both now and into the future.

Optimising Business Success by Eve Diamond

Optimising Business Success

Your business is going well, but could it do better? Sometimes experienced small tweaks can have an exponential impact and Diamond Advisory specialises in brilliant insights on profitability and structuring for continuous growth without burnout. We

People and Systems Advisor - Eve Diamond Business Advice

People and Systems Advice

There’s a lot of complexity in getting your team humming – and there can be real costs and penalties to getting that wrong. Diamond Advisory offers brilliant people and systems advice to ensure your processes support your staff (and your budget).

Business Troubleshooting advice by Eve Diamond at Diamond Business Advisory

Business Troubleshooting

Most SME owners, no matter what the size, have niggles that keep them awake, hovering at the back of their minds – the kind of problems they think are either too murky to fully understand, or too messy to easily solve.

Selling and Exiting Advice - business advice Diamond Advisory

Selling and Exiting Advice

Did you know you can significantly improve your payout when you exit with a little bit of advance planning?? Make sure you are well prepared for every opportunity that may arise.

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Finally, accountants who are passionate about a better way of working with business, who believe there is a universe beyond tax; working with SMEs driving more profitable growth by bringing a little extra help, and some really really useful tools.
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The Methods

Increasing Profit

Fundamentally business is for making a profit – if you are not doing that you are a charity!

Profit is what is left in your business after you complete your sales and pay all your bills. Increasing profit is not about shuffling money to avoid the tax man, or generating more customers it is about improving how much you, as the business owner, get to keep at the end of every day – it is what increases your wealth! Your wealth and that of your business underpins your success.

ie the more profitable your business is the more you get to keep both annually and also the more your business is worth should you decide to sell.

We can increase your profits in a multitude of ways starting quick wins and progressing to longer term strategies when you require:

  • changes to sales pricing and margins – how can you optimise these?
  • changes to processes and systems – how can yours be more efficient and effective to assist and support you better?
  • changes to costs and resources – where can costs be cut and expenses saved in your business – have you benchmarked your competitors costs?
  • changes to your reporting – are you receiving the right information at the right time to make the most profitable and successful decision?
  • changes to product/service quality – how can yours be better than your competitors (maybe for the same price, maybe with a price change)?

Managing Risk

In addition it is critical we reduce risk in your business. Our delivery processes are undertaken with the strictest governance in mind. Ensuring your risk is being minimised at all points of the Processes. All engagements reference our for quality, change management, risks and knowledge management.

Exploring Opportunities

Practical Advice – useful advice needs the right context, and also needs to be able to be implemented practically – quickly and at low cost. Therefore our approach is twofold:

  1. a) consider all the areas that are affecting the problem by evaluating business drivers and levers.
  2. b) benchmark all advice against well know performance management strategies and best practice.

Releasing Cash-flow

Cash-flow is King without it all business becomes difficult, so this is usually the place we start with.

Taking a much more holistic approach than simply “make more sales” we examine all 5 areas of your business:

  1. Current Cash Stores – Debtors, loans, turnover
  2. Pending Cash Stores – Work in Progress and/or Stock
  3. Future Cash Stores – Terms and Conditions, Sales Processes and Collections Processes

to ensure cash flow change is sustainable. I am passionate about ensuring you have fabulous cash-flow and could go on here for hours, instead we suggest you check our Blog which has more than 15 articles about improving cash-flow, as well some free resources. If you have cash-flow issues, we have easy, straightforward solutions.

Optimising Business Value

All of these activities improve the saleability of your business, and you can also make sure you business is prepared for every opportunity – you never know what is just around the corner. From revealing hidden value, tidying the accounts and shoring up your foundations you can always be best dressed at the Business Sales Parade.

Eve Diamond - Small Business Advisor

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