You can save accounting fees

Cut through the financial geek-speak and boost your success along the way.

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“Too many small business owners spend thousands of dollars every year unnecessarily on accounting fees because they don’t understand the language accountants use.”

Often owners, like yourself, can’t ask meaningful questions of their accountants! – and usually accountants just don’t (or won’t) share their advice unprompted, they like to keep all the wisdom AND charge an arm-and-a-leg to dole out small nuggets at a time!

When was the last time your accountant said something to SAVE you money?

Accountants often focus only on tax, but to be extremely successful in business you really also need to:

  • save costs,
  • reduce risks,
  • optimise pricing,
  • use benchmarking
  • improving your profit margins.

Instead of waiting for your accountant to take an interest in your success, why not learn smarter ways to manage them, and your own business?

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3 Seminars – 3 ways to Improve your Profits

Save Accounting fees by learning how to translate financial terminology into everyday language that makes sense to you – and once accounting makes sense you will begin to use this information to improve your business and make more money too; all without the need to spend an extra cent on your accountant.

  1. Smart Accounts 101 – Use your Accounts to make really profitable business decisions, reduce your costs and improve your margins
  2. Smart Budgeting 101 – Create a Budget to achieve your business goals to build a really successful business
  3. Smart Cashflow 101 – Free Cashflow and learn cashflow best practice so you are never again held back by lack of funds

Enrol in one, or enroll in all three and complete your Smart Foundations 101!
Every seminar is different because all are interactive to ensure you learn the best solutions (often also the easiest too) to achieve your best outcomes; classes are limited to 20 people, and are held outside business hours to keep them accessible.

These courses are great for Start-ups and business owners looking to improve their decision making and run really successful businesses.

Learn Smart educate thousands of people on how accountants think and the basics needed for saving thousands in accounting fees every year.

Eve was the first person to help me understand that accounting is not just for maths nerds – its about making numbers based business decisions. – K Davis

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Eve has been described as the the Super Nanny for SMEs and has helped hundreds of business owners embrace accounting basics – even those that can’t do math! She has more than 20 years’ experience as an accountant, small business owner and entrepreneur and has developed the Learn Smart Courses to meet a real need for teaching accounting basics to non-accountants in non-scary ways.

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CPA trainer

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Even CPA Australia need to teaching Basic Finance courses to their non-accounting recent hires. Learn Smart provide them day long sessions to ensure these staff have great foundations.
“Your energetic style was well received and you managed to portray the terminology and explain the content well.” A. Steiner – CPA Learning and Development[/box] As Accountants ourselves we know all about compliance, but these days we tend to avoid working on tax. Instead we focus on showing business owners how to save costs, reduce risks, optimise pricing, benchmarking and improving your profit.


Learn the secrets that most Accountants don’t want to share with you…By the end of these seminars you will:

  1. Know the difference between a Profit and Loss, Income statements, Balance Sheets and Trial Balances – plus how and when to use each one in your business to increase your success
  2. Create the best Reports for helping you make more profitable decisions your business
  3. Learn Why and how to setup a realistic and useful budget by including your objectives
  4. Create easy business forecasts
  5. Understand the basics of how money moves
  6. Know the basics of cashflow projections
  7. Use Cashflow best practice
  8. Analyse your own reports for errors, anomalies and improvements
  9. Communicate with your book-keeper and accountant more effectively
  10. Save accounting fees

Also really importantly every seminar includes:

  • Straight Explanations – definitions, building blocks of what goes where and why, and how to use these foundations in your business
  • Practice Exercises – because it’s proven information it doesn’t sink-in until you put it to practice
  • Variance Analysis –what to look for and when to worry
  • Next Steps – arming you with WHERE TO START from, and what to do, back to the office!

These courses are great for Start-ups and business owners looking to improve business success.

Eve is not a dreary or pointed-headed accountant – she is fun to be with.

Interactive and informative – great to understand key words and basic accounting skills


Cost: $95 per seminar (that’s only $95 for every 150 minutes of gold)

This is a great price as all our seminars are currently being subsidised – thanks to the City of Melbourne; normally $150 per session!
You receive 2.5 hours of non-stop training on ways to save accounting fees and decrease your business stress.

Unlike most training courses that stop at the obvious facts, our training teaches you insider tips & tricks that most people will never even know exist.


Added Extras
  • Workbook with the practice answers
  • USB key with practical templates you can immediately apply in your own business worth $300

Bonus Offers

[typography size=”20″ size_format=”px”]Enroll in all three and Save 15% pay only $250[/typography]



If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money, in full, on the spot.

The course facilitator, CPA accountant Eve Blackall has developed a reputation for her straight talking, tell it like it is style, that will help business owners spend less and get more value from the existing relationship with their accountant cutting through accountant geek-speak” without having to cut the relationship.

An influential communicator, strategic thinker and an experienced facilitator delivering demonstrable productivity and performance improvements.

Why let the next six months of the year be packed with uncertainty? Learn the secrets you need to make more powerful and profitable decisions for greater business success!

P.S. – we know this is a tough business environment so instead of waiting for change, take the bull by the horns – these courses are a bargain and will add thousands to your bottom line.

Informative – giving clarification to terminology that was unknown to me – would recommend.

[typography size=”12″ size_format=”px”]Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual savings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. As with any business endeavour, there is no guarantee that you will earn any extra money. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.[/typography]