Have you let things slip a bit? (or perhaps a lot?)

Blind Spots are opportunities for boosting your profits quickly!

Blind Spots – We see what we expect to see. It’s a well-documented psychological phenomenon. We also have virtual blind spots that are created by our brains when something appears that is not expected. These catch us out, weaken our businesses, and cause us loss.

  • Is your Business Strong enough to Survive a Crisis?
  • Is it strong enough to survive day-to-day hic-ups?
  • Is it making you as much money as it can?

The good news is once these are revealed we, as business owners, are easily able to address blind-spots; often quite quickly and cost effectively, to improve profits and decrease our own stress.

Test your Business Blind-Spots

Business Stress Test - SME help and advice

The current average is 4.3 minutes; we aren’t kidding – this is quick and simple!

So you can get the most benefit of our quiz, your results will appear on the screen and we will also email your answers alongside the ideal responses, this way you can refer back to them and continue fine tuning.
Herbert Simon, the Nobel economist, points out that most people are only partly rational, which means they are also partly emotional and irrational. We are often unaware we are falling into the “irrational trap”; we don’t acknowledge how many of our actions are dominated by our sub-conscious.

Think about the good, great and “not so hot” areas in your business…

Don’t just consider Sales and Cash-flow what about also looking at:

  1.    Management savvy
  2.    Compliance
  3.    Operations and Governance
  4.    Staffing
  5.    Marketing

Removing the blinkers so you can prioritise both your current emphasis, and any newly identified gaps, to focus exactly where you need to act and get started with the most impact. The extra good news is that addressing these issues will also improve the sales value of your business too.
Get out of your insular routines:

  • Talk to people outside of your expertise
  • Run ideas by other people who don’t have your same filters
  • Ask questions and really listen to the answers

(In this Quiz it is ‘answer questions and listen to the answers’)

BE HONEST – you have far more to gain by giving truthful answers…!!

Don’t have time to do the quiz right now?

You can download our checklist instead
(this isn’t interactive – your responses won’t get scored so we can’t supply tips for improving.)

The same handy questions in a checklist to jog your memory and help remove your blinkers!