Profit Solutions

Discovering hidden profits in your business.

  • Do you work your butt off but not see any real return?
  • Do you have non-profitable revenue streams?
  • Do your accounts have errors and mis-allocations?
  • Are your Systems and Processes designed to maximise profit?
  • Are your Suppliers & Inventory profiting at your expense?

Most businesses have profit issues, often focusing on minimising tax instead of targeting business returns… It needn’t be this way!

Cash-flow Solutions - diamond advisory Small business cash flow coaching

The “Sales and Marketing Dudes” have for years been telling us “the more sales you make the more profit you will have”…
But the truth is if you increase the number of sales flowing through an already broken system it will usually cause more drama than profit.

Eve Diamond’s Profit Solutions cover:

  1. Inflows – Pricing, Margins, and Product Mixes
  2. Leaks – Direct Costs and Indirect Costs,
  3. Systems – Wastage, Terms and Conditions and Processes

Fix Profit Inflows

Set-up your business to sell profitably

Pricing, Margins, and Product Mixes

Fix Profit Leaks

Set-up your business to purchase profitably

Direct Costs and Indirect Costs

Systems that Support Profit

Set-up your business to operate profitably

Wastage, Terms and Conditions and Processes

Right now, you have hidden profits locked up in your accounts waiting to be released.

2 Fast Profit Boost Solutions


Work with the kind of accountant that transforms businesses
This is a whole-of-business approach for becoming more profitable and more successful:

  • Price and Product Mix – Optimise what you sell and how much you charge
  • Direct Costs – Reduce inputs, commissions, etc while improving quality
  • Indirect Costs – Keep your business running smoothly, while reducing profit sapping overheads
  • Terms – Terms and Conditions, Purchasing and Delivery Processes and Sales and Collections Processes – how you engage with others will impact your bottom line too.

Improvement to your Profit GUARANTEED

Client Feedback:

Profit Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory Business Coach

Amanda Salomon

Great Advice. Data collected and managed in proper ways plays an important role for any growing organization.

Profit Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory SME Coach

Jamie Greenwood

I loved the fact that you said you like working with entrepreneurs (which I am). This tells me you have an understanding of our mindset. You are also not (excuse the pun) BORING! Entrepreneurs tend to be high voltage energetic creatures… boring won’t sell to us. We need to be enthused and you have successfully nailed this.

How it works

Success Journey - Diamond Advisory Business Coaching

For small issues, or low hanging fruit – this entire process can be accomplished in a few hours…

How long we work together is entirely up to you.

your profit coach:

Business Coach - Eve Diamond - Small Business Advisor

In simplest terms Eve solves the two biggest financial challenges of any business: making more money, and keeping more money.

Eve Diamond is a ‘business fixer’ dedicated to empowering business people with the right information, skills and knowledge to make each business dream a successful reality.

When you need someone who speaks accounting without the geek-speak, look no further, there is no “handing off to someone more junior” – you get to deal one-to-one with Eve to really ensure great business profits, and help you regain a sense of control over your business direction.