High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray

BEFORE you sell your business uncover how to fetch the best price!

Getting exit ready, doesn’t necessary mean you need to sell right now, being conscious of growing your business worth is as important as nurturing your revenue streams. Even if you don’t need to sell tomorrow, being exit ready is about creating more options for you; get your business is READY for whatever you decide.

Discovering how to sell your business for the price of your dreams.

This High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray will efficiently review your business systems, tools and processes to ensure buyers will pay you the best possible price – highlighting the true business strengths and showing you what areas to repair or play down.

Just like you give your house a good spring-clean to ensure everything is in perfect working order when you put it on the market, the same is true for your business. Getting the best possible price requires more than just a quick visit to a broker – a bit of prep-work on the right areas will certainly increase the price every potential buyer is willing to pay.

During this meeting we will uncover at least 3 ways to increase the sale value & reduce your stress!


Cover the 4 key areas of your business! After we cover some background (Business status, size, age, industry etc) we will discuss and improve your business value:

  1. Uncovering the unique and hidden aspects of YOUR business
  2. Book Value, Profitability and Add backs
  3. Customer Value, Database Value and retention methods
  4. Pricing what you are selling – Bricks, Mortar, Systems and Procedures

Each High Speed Exit X-Ray is one hour of expert review and advice, over the phone/Zoom:

  • 25 minutes to understand your current business and exit intentions
  • 25 minutes for recommendations development
  • 10 minutes for review and confirmation of your Next Steps

Using these outcomes and advice you incrementally assess, then target the less sale-able aspects of your business one step at a time, increasing its value as you go.

Benefits: High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray

1. Professional Advice – informal CFO, no strings attached

Your exit readiness is professionally reviewed by a Qualified CPA so you get the benefit of experience, analytics, systems and models, plus strategic advice all combined with 25 years of entrepreneurial experience.

2. Quick and easy results with minimum of fuss

For only 60 minutes of your time you get 3 ways to improve the value of your business – ie your asking price will be increased. You don’t have to need to sell tomorrow, being exit ready is about creating more options for you.

3. Flexible enough to work when you want

This High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray can be done at anytime to suit you – I fit in with you because working on your business often needs to happen outside of when you are working in your business.

4. A simple phone call or Zoom if you prefer?

By starting with a survey, as the basis of this High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray, I interact with you and your answers so you receive relevant and accurate advice, not just a random to-do list, and the ‘face-to-face’ time (on Zoom or over the phone) enables us to make sure you will really get the most from selling your business.

5. Get the Jump on your Competitors

Your business needs to be running like a well oiled machine to fetch the highest price in the current market climate – using this check-up you can maximise your profits on sale.

Cost: $275 High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray

The reason for this fantastic value, is because I want to get to know you a little bit better – to prove how well we can work together and how quickly this can help your business. I see this as an investment in our relationship – when we do a great job on getting your business exit ready you will be curious as to where else in your business we can unlock hidden money and put more profit exactly where you need it!

Unlike the usual coaching and consulting this High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray includes insider tips & tricks that most people never know exist.

Who you talk to

Eve DiamondEve Diamond – a personable and business savvy accountant who insists on using practical solutions and has helped over 700 business owners during a 30 year career as an accountant.
Her reputation as straight talking, with a tell-it-like-it-is style, she is passionate about SMES and works with you to plan, report and analyse;- helping start-ups, maximising profit and cash-flow and optimising your exit strategies for when you are ready to “cash-out”.

Guarantee – High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray

If you are not completely satisfied with the call, I will refund your money, in full, on the spot.

I promise to only recommend working together further if I truly believe I can help you, – I also have a massive network of business experts and advisers who I can also put you in touch with if that is appropriate.

That said, the average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results, because your results will vary and depend on many factors …These factors include, but are not limited to, your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action… This isn’t a magic pill –  to get results you will need to go away and take the actions.

This High Speed Exit Ready X-Ray is based on our signature 20 ways to increase your business value; because not every method can apply to your business we take the time on a phone call to tailor exactly which 3 key ways to increase your business worth right now!

P.S. Why spend the next six months of the year without ensuring you are ready for any opportunity? Uncover the secrets you need to make your business exit ready and you positioned for greater success!