Growth Masterclass


13 days of easily digested emails straight to your inbox.
Learn ways to grow your business without creating company headaches.
Progress at your own pace and keep each lesson to refer back to later.



Growth Masterclass

Find out what causes Growth blocks and how to remove them once and for all!

Designed to look at your Products, Processes, Customers, Pricing, Systems and Suppliers and help you make changes to remove growth blocks.

This Growth Masterclass email course covers the following aspects of Growth:

  • Day 1  –  What kind of Growth do you want?
  • Day 2  –  Customer Base Growth
  • Day 3  –  Sales Growth
  • Day 4  –  Market Growth
  • Day 5   –  Alliances
  • Day 6   –  Location Growth
  • Day 7   –  Profit Growth
  • Day 8   –  Cash-flow management
  • Day 9   –  Stock management
  • Day 10  –  Staff Management
  • Day 11  –  Allow for Mistakes
  • Day 12  –  Keep your team in the loop
  • Day 13  –  Wrap it up

With a fresh lesson arriving in your Inbox each day, learning is easy to access and easy to implement.

Over 12 consecutive days this Growth Masterclass will show you where and how to grow in a low risk way without pain.
On day 13 you get a Bonus Cash-flow Excel Template

Learning about Growth should not be difficult or boring. (OK so it may not be the most fun you have ever had, but it will bring growth results and reduce your stress levels.)

I bring to each lessons a warm personality, a sharp and insightful mind and an eye for troubleshooting and rebuilding business processes.  So, these training courses are extremely popular.

As background I have also previously been a trainer for CPA Australia’s Finance for non-Finance people, so I guarantee you will definitely get value from this course.

Eve Diamond


The Growth Masterclass is not designed to improve your profit or cash-flow; although that may be a pleasant side-effect.I can help you work on your business in all sorts of ways.

Who wrote the Growth Masterclass?

Eve DiamondEve Diamond – a personable and business savvy accountant who insists on using practical solutions and has helped over 700 business owners during a 30 year career as an accountant.
Her reputation as straight talking, with a tell-it-like-it-is style, she is passionate about SMES and works with you to plan, report and analyse;- helping start-ups, maximising profit and cash-flow and optimising your exit strategies for when you are ready to “cash-out”.

Guarantee – Growth Masterclass

If you are not completely satisfied with the course I will refund your money, in full on the spot, no questions asked.

What is more I support every day’s lesson.
If you are having trouble, your initial results aren’t quite what you hoped for, you have questions, or you want further advice – please email me.  When the issue is straightforward you will receive a response via email or if you prefer we can make a time and have a chat.


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I’m a straight shooting CPA and Business Coach
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I guarantee that working together will be incredibly rewarding.
(Otherwise, what is the point?)

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