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Nigel Fitzpatrick


Diamond Advisory cash flow solution that ease pressures and stresses for small business owners is a win – win

Growth and Expansion Advice - SME Advisor

Growth and Expansion Advice


A growing business can be demanding, and to grow any enterprise, no matter what size, you need sound advice. That’s where Diamond Advisory come in – working with you ensuring the advice your business receives makes everything work in harmony, both now and into the future.

Optimising Business Success by Eve Diamond

Maintaining Business Success


Your business is going well, but could it do better? Sometimes experienced small tweaks can have an exponential impact and Diamond Advisory specialises in brilliant insights on profitability and structuring for continuous growth without burnout. We

Cashflow improvement advice - cash flow solutions Diamond Advisory SME cashflow Advisory

Cash flow Improvement


Cash flow Improvement Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory helped a hospitality business to have 35% cash flow increase and also cost savings of over 9% in the first twelve months.


Eve Diamond, Brilliant Business Advice

Work with Eve Diamond

I’m a straight shooting CPA and Business Coach
who will fast-track your growth and profit.

I guarantee that working together will be incredibly rewarding.
(Otherwise, what is the point?)

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