Top 4 Vacation Obstructors!
These Guarantee you will NEVER take breaks from your SME!

Longing for some time off?
Dreaming of a Rest, or an Adventure?

Start by removing these Top 4 Vacation Blockers!

1. Make every Decision

If every tiny detail relating to your business needs to be overseen by you then every time a tiny details arises you must be on hand. Make sure this reliance on you extends everywhere:

  • Work alone. Or if you have a team NEVER trust the people around you, even though trust was the reason you hired them in the first place.
  • Never document anything – keep everything in your head. No Vision, Mission Statement, Business plan, or Budget – no-one but you should understand what your business goals are.
  • Consistently be inconsistent – ensure there is no discernible pattern or process in your approach to your business.


2. Ensure Customers always need YOU!

Each and every customer must get personalised service from you – train your customers and clients to expect it, even if your staff are capable and available. Always intervene and meddle with every sale to ensure You are the one with the client relationship. Oh, also make very sure you respond within 30 minutes to every request, so you train your customers to expect you to be immediately available 24/7/365. Always carry your phone and check your emails, and social media at least every 30 minutes (even in meetings).

3. Handcuff your Revenue Stream to You

Not only must the customers only buy when you are there, your time must also be necessary, for generating your Revenue. This is most common in the service industry where the primary method of Revenue is billing for each hour worked. So, if you’re not working, you’re not earning; you must always be available to generate Revenue. This is most effective at preventing holidays when coupled with a hand-to-mouth existence, where you spend every dollar you make within the month; never able to save. (See back at Point A. for not having a Budget).

4. Defer all your Administration and Marketing to “Quiet Times”

Instead of keeping on top of routine tasks, as well as your clients and customers, leave all your admin to the “quite times” so you are really busy doing a huge backlog of urgent and unavoidable paperwork during seasonal downturns, weekends, and Public Holidays.

Nearly every SME owner is a little guilty of some of these from time to time:

– let them run amok and you will never take a break
– keep them in check and you can take a break sooner!

P.S. The photo at the top is of my hubby and I on holidays in Sri Lanka last year – an awesome experience seeing the annual elephant gathering; proof that even solo-preneurs, generating income by the hour, can take a holiday by using some good planning!


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