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We expect that you are doing some of these things, but are you doing as many as possible for your business size and type?  You have nothing to lose and CASHFLOW to gain by downloading your copy today.
Extract from the checklist:

  1. Motivate customers for early payments – (discount those who pay early by building in a “cost of debt collection” to the every-day price
  2. Motivate sales people for “good payers” i.e. a small reward when customers pay an upfront deposit and/or first invoice paid early or on time
  3. Manage any non-complying debts consistently – have a process and a telephone script for +30,+45,50,+60,+90
  4. Don’t ask late debtors “How much can you pay?” say – “we are offering you a payment plan of $x per week” then let them agree or say they can’t afford it – keep the management in your court
  5. Understand and track, and rectify the main sources of your customer issues: Did it come from poor quality product or service? Did it arise due to late delivery?

To make getting started easier they are grouped into:

  1. Staff
  2. Systems
  3. Process
  4. Customers
  5. Suppliers & Inventory

Break the list up (it is a word document so you can edit it how you like) and hand out a section for each department head to address….
If you are a smaller business start with one area and progress through the categories rolling out changes.
All these things are quite easy to implement and will result in more flow in your cashflow.

Free Cashflow will give you the space to help your business grow….if you need help

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This is a start – we are more than happy to add others…let us know…