– here is a cheatsheet of Jobkeeper quicklinks…

If you want to enroll in jobkeeper then here are all the relevant links, and a few instructions, you will need to get started…

Log onto the ATO Business Portal and register your business for Jobkeeper:
ATO Business Portal – Jobkeeper Rego
The rego itself can be found under Manage Employees on the left-hand menu…follow the steps through the Jobkeeper rego form..
Now that is all done make sure you have paid the relevant Jobkeeper amounts by the COB tomorrow 30th April.
See easy peasy
BUT, if you don’t currently have access to your ATO Portal these are the pre-registration steps to get you access:
a) You have to get the app on your phone that confirms your ID each time you want to log in and update your business information with the ATO. This is called MyGovId and you need to download it from the apps store / playstore on your phone.
b) Once you download the app you need to set up MyGovId, which is a bit like setting up a new bank account.

    1. Firstly go dig out two of the following Australian identity documents (your name must match on both):
      • passport (not more than three years expired)
      • driver’s license including learner’s permit
      • birth certificate
      • Medicare card.

      2. Next work through the MyGovId setup process until your identity is confirmed.

c) Once we have the above MyGovId app working we can then use that to get you access to the Business Portal to link your MYGOVID to your business: ATO authorisation Manager
Hopefully, the ABN will come straight up if it doesn’t then you need to phone the ATO 1300 line that is provided with the link – that is BORING (but still quite OK – you may be on hold for a loooong time, and I can’t recommend the ATO hold music choice).
Access done! – you are now ready to do your Jobkeeper rego –   ATO Business Portal – Jobkeeper Rego

REMEMBER – Late next week (after the ATO complete their server upgrade) we can log back into the ATO portal, using these links and your MyGovID, and claim your jobkeeper payment of $3K for April