Greatness comes from Great Objectives

Setting clear goals is tricky – but vital if you are to succeed

Having a vision, or “grand design” is one thing – but without undertaking activities to move forwards it will always remain a thought bubble!

The best objectives, and by that I mean ones that are achieved and celebrated, all have 6 elements in common; to help you capture each of these elements we have designed a set of 6 questions:

1. Good Wording

Ask what are you going to do? – start your objective with a verb (doing word) to focus on keeping you moving.
e.g. how can I improve my fitness?

2. One clear measure

Ask how will we capture progress? – include a metric; Dollars, Number of, Percentage.
e.g. sit-ups per minute

3. Realistic Target

Ask where do you want the measure to get to? – lock in an end value; make it a stretch but achievable.
e.g. 20 sit-ups in one minute

4. Time-frame

Ask by when will the target be reached?– a period during which you will achieve the target.
e.g. by 1 Feb 2013

5. Actions

Ask what actions to you need to take this week/month to move you closer to your target? – activities undertaken to stay on track and achieve objective.
e.g. start by doing 20 sit-ups every third day and increase my sit-up speed to reach target

6. Tracking

Ask how are we going? – regular monitoring of progress and adjustment of actions if needed.
e.g. do a time trial once a week and log in diary to assess if I need to make any changes

To summarise: I set a goal to improve my fitness
“Achieve 20 sit-ups in 1 minute by the 1st November 2012”
I start with 20 sit-ups every third day and increase my sit-up speed until I reach my target. A simple table on the fridge can record my times each week to monitor progress to keep me motivated.

Can you answer “yes” to these “6 Questions” for your objectives?

Now that you have a taste of what we can do… here are some more options to improve your business profits: