SME KPIs covering all areas of your business

Just because you’re an SME, and lack a large in-house IT department or a big consulting budget, don’t let that prevent you from getting the right information, at the right time.

Use this Top 30 SME KPIs list as a menu to set-up your own Simple Business Dashboard. Simply choose 8 really easy stats so you can start making informed decisions to drive up profit, unlock cashflow, and improve the overall value of your business.

Here is what to do with this list:

  • Step 1 – Don’t use them all
  • Step 2 – Choose 8 and build the data collection and reporting of these top 8 into your weekly reporting routine. You can chop and change your SME KPIs every six months or so but focus on setting up and then stabilising a few at a time. For smaller SMEs the suggested break is as follows :
    1. Financial – three KPIs
    2. Performance – two KPIs
    3. Business Generation – one KPI
    4. People – one KPI
    5. Any other vital parameter – one KPI

    When deciding which 8 are the most important make your choice KPIs based on business strategy for profitable growth offset with reducing risks to the business.

  • Step 3 – If you are a big enough business to have departments then the Director’s ‘Top 8’ will reflect the above list ; however every department should also have its own top 8 which more heavily reflects their departmental focus.e.g. The sales department may have: Two Financial, Five Business Generation, One Performance, One People, and One measure for Market Environment.

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