CHECKLIST – Reduce Labor Costs

Staffing is a Huge Expense, so don’t let staff cost escalate

Anyone can reduce labor costs without reducing staff, this checklist uncovers 7 areas.

Simply take a look at your people’s:

  • Fit
  • Cost
  • Spend

Say What? Aren’t Cost and Spend the Same? Nope, not in this context…

Fit is about the right activities and skills needed in the various parts of your business to make it run efficiently and effectively (and profitably)

Cost is about your commitments; Salaries, wages, and related taxes etc that are your payroll. The stuff that still costs you money whether your staff are on holidays or not.

Spend is about the “discretionary” extras related to having employees. These extras can be quite comprehensive – from the costs of morning tea, to Christmas parties and how fancy is the toilet paper each person is allocated?

Don’t forget that you are not starting from scratch, it may take a few months to get from where you are to where you need to be – especially if you wait for staff attrition before you adjust your skill sets etc.

Download this Free checklist right now and get started on reducing the cost of your staff overheads and payroll today.

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