CHECKLIST – Improve Cashflow Checklist

How many ways can you can improve cash flow?
The answer is 48!

Cashflow is about money moving through your business. While more sales should generate more money, often a sales burst can increase the amounts owed rather than directing those extra funds to your fingertips.

This may come as a surprise, but it isn’t tricky maths or regular investor injections that underpin great cashflow. Communication is at the heart of it all; starting with clear sales techniques covering terms and conditions through to systematic debtors management – communication is critical.

  • Are your Staff Supporting your Cashflow?
  • Are your Systems & Resources at their most effective for cashflow optimisation?
  • Are your Processes efficient at releasing cash?
  • Are your Suppliers & Inventory having an adverse cash impact?

This checklist looks at how and where cash gets stuck in your business so you can improve Cashflow forever.

Remember, it may take a few months to get from where you are to where you need to be, but each change will bring you a little closer to a stronger cashflow.

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