CHECKLIST – Budget Right

8 Budgeting Must Do’s

Don’t let your budget live in the bottom draw – (Whoops that’s Budgeting Trap Number 8)!

Your Budget is a listing of what you intend to earn and spend, usually during the next year, split into months – it outlines what you want to get done in your business in monetary terms.  And like every business report it exists to enable you to make more profitable decisions more quickly and easily – if it isn’t doing that then you budget is a hindrance not a help!

You probably never thought about all these before, so grab your budget out and give it dust off, ready for making more profit.  Better business is easy – simply do your budget right.  By avoiding the pitfalls and making your budget work more effectively for your business your business can grow and unlock hidden profit.

Great List…. It’s not just principles but actual practical advice that can be applied now. Would love to share this with CEOs and NFP boards that review monthly board reports and program budgets.
Alex Lewis

Budget Right by overhauling one of your most important business tools – Download this Free checklist right now.

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