EXITOLOGY: Discovering how to sell your business for the price of your dreams.

Like most owners, you probably worry what your business is worth and are unsure how to get yourself exit ready in the best possible way.  Consciously growing your business worth is as important as nurturing your revenue streams; – it creates more options.
Getting exit ready, doesn’t necessary mean you need to sell right now, but it does mean you are well prepared  for every opportunity (or can maximise your sales returns in the case of personal misfortune)

Prepare  for every opportunity – you never know what is just around the corner

Looking for Exit Solutions? – Try some Exitology

Reveal Hidden Value

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Highlight the unique and hidden aspects of YOUR business to attract more buyers.

Tidy the Accounts

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Improve Book Value, Profitability and clarify Add-Backs to ensure the highest price.

Shore-up the Foundations

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Creates insurances for the purchaser by maximising customer value, database value and retention methods.

Polish the Assets

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Great systems and procedures with clear process manuals add value to more solid assets.

You keep your House in Good Salable Order…Why let your SME moulder?

YOU can also Boost your Business Value using any one of these 3 easy Exitology Steps


Create maximum certainty the new owner will be able to run the business and maintain your customers and profits (because they safer they feel the higher the price they'll pay)

Work with the kind of accountant that transforms businesses

Average Business Value Increases for Clients


Most SMEs ignore their business sale value… It needn’t be this way!

Just like when you put your house on the market you give it a good spring-clean, mow the lawns, and fix any leaks to ensure everything is in perfect working order; the same is true for your business.

Getting the best possible price requires more than just a quick visit to a broker/agent – doing some easy prep-work in the right areas will certainly increase the price every potential buyer is willing to pay.

  • Do most of the day-to-day business decisions fall to you?
  • Will your business operate perfectly if you take a 4 week holiday?
  • Do your customers recongise you or your business brand?
  • Is your cashflow steady and reliable?
  • Are you showing a good profit?

Get proven results – Focus on 4 key areas for improving your overall business value

  1. Uncovering the unique and hidden aspects of YOUR business
  2. Book Value, Profitability and Add backs
  3. Customer Value, Database Value and retention methods
  4. Pricing what you are selling – Bricks, Mortar, Systems and Procedures

Create more choices for yourself


Will show you how to make your business as valuable as possible so it is ready whenever you choose to sell (or need a quick exit due to an accident or ill health)!

What people are saying…

It is something I knew I had to do for my new business but wasn’t sure where to start.
Jaki Shipp
Accountants seem to talk a lot about having the ability to go way beyond compliance for their clients, but for too many it’s just talk. Many clients would love to have this help because they don’t know what they don’t know, but the first move is up to the accountant.
Helen Wilkie

EXITOLOGY: Discovering how to sell your business for the price of your dreams.

How things Happen – Approach Methods and Process

9 Profit Improving Questions To Ask Your Accountant

You probably never thought to ask an accountant these!

To ensure you gain the best outcomes we will follow these steps of engagement management:

  • Examine – understand your goals and objectives then assess and analyse your past performance, investigate trends, and assess issues and areas needing a bit of extra love
  • Explore – run a set of ‘what if’ scenarios to show you how very small changes can make a major impact
  • Prioritise – agree your priorities to create a “plan of attack”
  • Design a smart solution – starting with easy wins develop practical solutions that fit your budget and your time-frame
  • Align – create and agree a project plan to keep you, and your staff, on track
  • Implement – provide all the advice and support you need to implement your plan
  • Test – confirm growth, improvements in profit and cash-flow are as expected to ensure you achieve your objectives
  • Maintain – measure and manage ongoing outcomes to embed ongoing sustained success and enable incremental improvements
More details on the full range of methods and processes you might experience are covered in How Things Happen.

Who you work with

In simplest terms Eve solves the two biggest financial challenges of any business: making more money, and keeping more money.

Eve Diamond is a ‘business fixer’ dedicated to empowering business people with the right information, skills and knowledge to make each business dream a successful reality.

When you need someone who speaks accounting without the geek-speak, look no further. She can grow your business and solve your financial issues, using the Diamond Advisory Profitology, Cashflowology and Exitology frameworks. Also there is no “handing off to someone more junior” – you get to deal one-to-one with the principal Eve Diamond to really ensure great business profits, and help you regain a sense of control over your business direction.

Having been a Group Financial Controller for several top 100 ASX listed entities, in addition to operating her own highly lucrative accounting practice, Eve is also the author of ‘Profitology – A practical and illustrated guide to discovering hidden profits for everyday business people.

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Use Exitology to review your assets, books, systems, tools and processes making sure they’re working in every way possible to add more value to your business.
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