Some Techy Data Definitions

I have several concepts I want to work on and develop up over the coming months, but in order to do this I needed to create clear building blocks….
I have therefore defined the list below as a starting point but am open to further input. We all agree we are bombarded with tons of data. The key challenge is how to convert this data into information.

1. Values of qualitative or quantitative variables, belonging to a set of items.
2. Output from a sensing/measuring device and may include both useful and may include both relevant and redundant values

Information – To inform means to create a memory – minds don’t store independent pieces of data, but rather connect fragments that we reassemble to remember things. To create a memory, we need to make visual connections to the data.
Data mining – “the statistical and logical analysis of large sets of transaction data, looking for patterns that can aid decision-making”. Monk (2006).
Statistics – the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data whether it is numerical or non-numerical. In other words, statistics helps us measure our business processes leading to higher order of manageability.

Data Visualisation – non-visual data is filtered, and represented into an image or schematic, by including attributes, or variables for the units of information, that is readable and recognisable. I am splitting this into two subsets:

  •  Analytical Visualisation–  varying the attributes displayed by the external representation – changing settings, filtering, pointing, etc. so the focus is looking for patterns and trends, coming up with new hypotheses, drawing conclusions, etc.
  • Information Graphics – a visual representation of the data in a way he or she will make a connection and create a memory. The point of presentation is to give the person you are presenting as something he or she will remember.


Comments on these definitions are very welcome as I am interested in gathering a wider opinion base….

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