CHECKLIST – Quality Testing

Do a quick check on your quality – 10 questions for products and 10 for services!

Checking your quality can be something that sits on the back-burner as too daunting, however this quick list gives you a way to get started and do a quick assessment of how good your current quality is, and will help you decide if you need to establish some further quality controls.

You will need to do a bit of thinking to define what quality means to your business, but the list works through various areas to ensure a thorough outcome.

Quality testing will highlight any areas of weakness so you can address concerns and solve any on-going issues.

Getting absolute perfection every single time is nearly impossible. But you can bring that goal closer to reality by ensuring regular checks keep your quality levels high.  Don’t forget to address any areas of concern, and solve any on-going weaknesses.

SME Quality Checklist - Assess your Quality - sme Quality advice - Diamond Business Advisory

Continually Testing your Quality will ensure customers and clients return time after time!


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