Don’t ignore your P&L just because it is confusing and ugly – sort it out and reap the rewards!

A P&L should enable you to make more profitable decisions more quickly and easily.  If it isn’t doing that then its time to apply these tips and give it a make over!

Here are 13 ways you can improve your P&L so it becomes easier for you to use.

Once these changes are in place you will find yourself relying on your accounts to inform you – rather than this report only being a tool your accountant uses to do your tax!

I hadn’t ever thought of making my P&L work for me- now I rely on it to help me make decisions.

This list has transformed the report from something my accountant uses to do my tax into a really helpful management tool.

Sam Holgate
SME P&L Coaching - Build a Better P&L - sme P&L advice - Diamond Business Advisory

Get your P&L right and start making more profit and better business decisions right away!


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