CHECKLIST –  Accountant Review

It can be really hard to know if your accountant is doing a great job for you, or taking shortcuts!

Your Accountant can be somewhat of a mystery – doing magical processes to work out your tax and often not adding much other value to your business.

These 9 questions will help you conduct a review and work out if your accountant is really up to the job of looking after you:

  • A really great accountant will tick most of the boxes (missing one or two is probably ok)
  • A good accountant will get more than half
  • An accountant who isnt focused on you will get less than half
  • Anyone who doesn’t get any ticks probably isn’t an accountant

I am relieved to find my accountant ticked nearly every box – it is so hard to tell the good from the bad!

This was a great way to privately check on how my business’s accountant compares to others – I will be recommending this Accountant Review to other SME owners in my network.

Alexa Tresson
SME Review your Accountant - Assess your Accountant - sme Accountant advice - Diamond Business Advisory

Find out if your accountant is focusing on your business or if it is time for a change!


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