30 Business KPIs covering all areas of your business

Just because you’re an Business, and lack a large in-house IT department or a big consulting budget, don’t let that prevent you from getting the right information, at the right time.

Use this Top 30 Business KPIs list as a menu to set-up your own Simple Business Dashboard. Simply choose 8 really easy stats so you can start making informed decisions to drive up profit, unlock cash-flow, and improve the overall value of your business.

Here is what to do with this list:

  • Step 1 – Don’t use them all
  • Step 2 – Choose 8 and build the data collection and reporting of these top 8 into your weekly reporting routine. You can chop and change your Business KPIs every six months or so but focus on setting up and then stabilising a few at a time. For smaller SMEs the suggested break is as follows :
    1. Financial – three KPIs
    2. Performance – two KPIs
    3. Business Generation – one KPI
    4. People – one KPI
    5. Any other vital parameter – one KPI

    When deciding which 8 are the most important –  make your choice of KPIs based on business strategy for profitable growth offset with reducing risks to the business.

  • Step 3 – If you are a big enough business to have departments then the Director’s ‘Top 8’ will reflect the above list ; however every department should also have its own top 8 which more heavily reflects their departmental focus.e.g. The sales department may have: Two Financial, Five Business Generation, One Performance, One People, and One measure for Market Environment.

30 Business KPIs – Checklist

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Download this Free checklist of 30 Business KPIs to start creating your own Simple Reports and Dashboards – then quickly see exactly where and how to improve your business performance.


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