CHECKLIST – Find Labour Savings

Staffing is a Huge Expense, so find Labour Savings wherever you can

Anyone can find labour savings without reducing staff, this checklist uncovers 7 areas to examine and walks you through the process.  Simply take a look at your people’s:

  • Fit
  • Cost
  • Spend

Say What? Aren’t Cost and Spend the Same? Nope, not in this context…

These questions help you think about your roles and staff in terms of:

FIT – what are the right activities and skills needed in the various parts of your business?

COST – Costs are about your salaries, wages, super, and related taxes etc; anything part of your payroll, or keeping staff happy.  What do the right skills from above cost?  Remember in many cases staff will cost you money whether they are on holidays or not and you may have the extra cost of covering them when they are on leave

SPEND – Spend what you are actually spending at the moment.

By understanding what you have (spend) and what you should have (fit & cost) you can quickly target how to reduce labour costs

Don’t forget that you are not starting from scratch, it may take a few months to get from where you are to where you need to be – especially if you wait for staff attrition before you adjust your skill sets etc.

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Download this Free checklist right now and find labour savings by reducing the cost of your staff, overheads and payroll.


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