CHECKLIST – Collect Debtors Sooner

Collecting Debtors Sooner is about showing your customers you are in business and mean business.

A hap-hazard approaches to your sales and processes tells others there is “wriggle room” in how you do business.

Stick to the same approach for sales and debt collection each time you invoice – set the tone that you are reliable and organized.  Then you can expect the same of your clients and customers;  expect they will pay on time every time (or in the very least re-negotiate with you up front).

When you stop chasing your debtors, then your business is done.

Debt Collection is as much a part of delivering your goods and services as the work itself.

Simple and straight forward – with some tips I had never thought of, we decreased our debtors payment time by an average of nearly 45 days – almost all of our debtors now pay on time, previously they would pay 7-8  weeks late.

It took a while, but being consistent and improving our communication made a huge difference – be brave!

Peter Allinsky
SME Business Coaching - Collect Debtors Sooner - sme cashflow advice - Diamond Business Advisory

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