CHECKLIST – Bookkeeper Questions

A CHECKLIST for What to Ask Your Bookkeeper

Your Bookkeeper should have experience across a variety of business, and can share that knowledge to help your business.
Use this checklist to tap into that knowledge and make sure you are getting the best for your business.

This checklist assumes you have hired a competent bookkeeper and together you have developed a good working relationship. So, if asking your bookkeeper anything at all feels even slightly uncomfortable:

  • Is it time to work on your bookkeeping relationship?


  • Is it time to hire a new bookkeeper?

Really Helpful…. It’s not that I don’t get along with my Bookkeeper, I do – but I don’t talk her language and often am unsure of what is needed.

This list provided some really good starting points for valuable conversations… One of the best things I ever did was sit with her and go through it together – she felt more valued and I got more profit as a result.

Mark Hollands
SME Business Coaching - what to ask your bookkeeper - Diamond Business Advisory

Ask your Bookkeeper some key questions and get the best out of your professional – Download this Free checklist right now.


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