Cash Flow Solutions:

Make cash stream throughout your business.

  • Are your Staff Supporting your Cash flow?
  • Are your Systems & Resources at their most effectively using your cash ?
  • Are your Processes efficient at releasing cash?
  • Are your Suppliers & Inventory having an adverse cash impact?

Most business owners have cash-flow issues, and often they keep you awake at night… It needn’t be this way!

Cash-flow Solutions - diamond advisory Small business cash flow coaching

Diamond Advisory Cash flow Solutions cover:

  1. Current Cash Stores – Debtors, loans, turnover
  2. Pending Cash Stores – Work in Progress and/or Stock
  3. Future Cash Stores – Terms and Conditions, Sales Processes and Collections Processes

Fix Current Cash Blocks

Collaborating with the relevant people is the best way to unblock these

Debtors, Loans & Revenue

Fix Pending Cash Blocks

Better information, transparency and management can really help to unblock these.

Work in Progress and/or Stock

Fix Future Cash Blocks

Ensuring all your systems and process are cashflow effective will unblock these.

Terms, Sales & Collections

Most business owners have cash-flow issues, and often they keep you awake at night… It needn’t be this way!

YOU can Boost your Cash flow using
easy Cash flow Solutions


Work with the kind of accountant that transforms businesses
  • Never accidentally run out of Cash again
  • Always pay all your bills and staff on time
  • Have sufficient cash reserves to take advantage of bulk purchasing
  • Be able to grow your business in ways that suit you, instead of being held back your cash-flow

Improvement to your Cash-flow  GUARANTEED

Client Feedback:

Cash flow Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory Cash-flow Coach

John McInner

Many business owners let accounts get to the 60 or even 90 day receivables level and then it is a real grind to keep the cash flow going. …. You showed me it is critical for cash-flow to get as many customers as possible to pay on time.

Cash-flow Solutions - Diamond Advisory Cash flow Coaching

Nigel Fitzpatrick

A tight cash flow can take your attention away from the main game – building your business.  Diamond Advisory cash flow solution that ease pressures and stresses for small business owners is a win – win.

How things Happen – Approach Methods and Process

Success Journey - Diamond Advisory Business Coaching

For small issues, or low hanging fruit – this entire process can be accomplished in a few hours…

How long we work together is entirely up to you.

Who you Work With:- your cash-flow coach

Eve Diamond - Small Business Advisor

In simplest terms Eve solves the two biggest financial challenges of any business: making more money, and keeping more money.

Eve Diamond is a ‘business fixer’ dedicated to empowering business people with the right information, skills and knowledge to make each business dream a successful reality.

When you need someone who speaks accounting without the geek-speak, look no further, there is no “handing off to someone more junior” – you get to deal one-to-one with Eve to really ensure great business profits, and help you regain a sense of control over your business direction.