Is Sexy Accounting becoming a myth?

I have been trying to nail my tagline… One of the suggestions put forward is:

Diamond Advisory is like Viagra for your Business Dysfunction

It’s aggressive, and didn’t poll well with my target market, and I wont be using it.  But it did comply with my brief that I want to make Accounting Sexy.
(No, don’t go down the wrong path here; the point is I truly believe ACCOUNTING IS SEXY, irrespective of the person delivering it).

The idea of Accounting being sexy hit me almost ten years ago.   Back in 2013, when I was writing this post: Bring the Sexy Back into Accounting and fueled  such a large response I ended up then collating all your opinions into this post Sexy Accounting: here is how…

And the results were that I became really clear about how I apply this concept of Accounting being sexy to my work.

sexy [sek-see]

  1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué
  2. sexually interesting or exciting;
  3. excitingly appealing; glamorous

and I have to admit, sadly in the general public’s eyes at least, it seems Accounting has currently lost ALL of its glamour and exciting appeal!

30 years ago accounting was sexy – OK it was not in a risque kind of way – however making money is sexy! Magic Happens when accountants as trusted advisors guide business soundly, and profitably using a mix of knowledge, ethics and skill.

I am passionate about using the tools and skills of Accounting to diagnose and often cure whatever the health problems are facing my clients’ businesses; I find this work incredibly exciting and rewarding.

Truth is I have been doing this successfully now for close on 30 years. Despite this considerable length of time I still find my work invigorating, interesting and appealing on a daily basis. I reckon this is because wherever I work I am really able to make a valuable difference – be it an SME looking to grow or sell, a Not for Profit needing to use their funds more efficiently, or a larger corporate with a reporting problem.

Discover how exciting your Accountant can be…

Accounting is excitingly appealing because it fosters real growth and real profits.

Sadly these days it seems that there is little guidance, and fewer ethics, applied to accounting.   Meanwhile Accounting continues to evolve (de-volve??) into a bastion of compliance.  (We all need compliance, but getting the right number in the right box on the right form isn’t exactly glamorous).

Can Accounting be Sexy ever again?

While I have always pictured my job as an accountant as exciting – it seems I may currently be alone in this opinion.

I have helped to start and shape many successful businesses.  These in turn have created employment, thrilled their customers and clients and given back to their communities.

Truly, I don’t understand why this degeneration has come about as surely everyone wants:

  • timely and meaningful specialist knowledge ?
  • interpretive wisdom ?
  • business improvement – systems, cash-flow, profit?
  • Coaching and guidance?

After all this is what I see sexy accounting as!

You may be unaware, but there are at least 9 types of Accountants and good Business accountants (the ones who do the really sexy accounting work) have an incredible vantage point into their clients’ business operations.  They see where the money is coming and going and can add a substantial amount of insight to what is required to be running a profitable business.

So, let us champion for business effectiveness and efficiency, work towards growth instead of tax “avoidance”, and bring the sexy back into Accounting!

Feel very free to comment – (especially if you have a brilliant idea to contribute to my potential tag line).

Eve Diamond