Where are my Business Opportunities & Blind-Spots?

Identify opportunities for boosting your profits quickly!

This quiz covers the 5 key areas of your business:

  1. Commitments
  2. Compliance
  3. Money Savvy
  4. Operations
  5. Staffing

So, not all questions are related to finance – this test gives an overview indicating where your current pain points are most likely to be, and consequently reveals where you have opportunities to best focus for more profit.

With 40 questions it is quite comprehensive; plus all the answers are only YES, NO or MAYBE so generally this takes around 4 minutes to get through (the current average is 4.3 minutes; I’m not kidding – this is quick and simple!)

Your download a pdf and then circle where you are at –  so you can refer back to them and begin making informed changes….

It is completely private.

Business Stress Test - SME help and advice

Thanks for this quiz. Feeling quite good about the results, 97 out of 108, better than I had expected, so feeling really good about where my business is at. Just need a kick up the butt now to move it to the next level.
H Kennedy
Review 5 Key areas of your business to uncover any blind spots!


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