Business KPI Dashboards – start small and build!

Want a more successful business? – Of course you do!

These Business Dashboards have been designed to help you uncover roadblocks and niggles FAST – saving you cash, and costly mistakes.

Make really profitable decisions using your own KPIs.

If you are not completely satisfied with the dashboard, I will refund your money, in full, on the spot.

As a business owner you are flat-out, and your staff are busy too… Sometimes you need a bit of support, and often some extra help.
Confirm where things in your business are going well PLUS highlight any areas needing some TLC to boost success.

Business Dashboards providing insights most SME Owners never get to see

Why let the next six months (or longer) be packed with uncertainty?

Uncover the secrets you need for greater business success!
Business Dashboards Explained

Convert your own data into GOLD,  and always accurately see your business information.

When completed regularly your working life becomes easier and more productive through the use of these powerful Business Intelligence and Performance Management reports – just like large organisations.

The Business Dashboard – All Dashboards have these 8 Key Business Indicators:
  • Business Status
    1. Profitability – Profit Margin
    2. Solvency Solvency – Current Ratio
    3. Gearing – Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Business Performance
    1. Inventory – Inventory Turnover
    2. Debtors – Debtors Days
    3. Fixed Cost Margin
    4. Variable Cost Margin
    5. Employee Productivity – Sales per Employee

Additionally our Smart Business Dashboard has a further 17 Indicators, tailored specifically to your business and industry.

Use this SME CFO service to stay completely on top of your business – never again will the fact that you don’t have an in-house CFO, or a big consulting budget, prevent you from getting the right information, at the right time.

If this is how you feel, then Smart Accounting can help you and your business.

How Others Feel Now ….
I believe the biggest accounting myth is that most small business owners feel that as long as there is revenue that their business is doing fine…. An accountant who also provides solutions and consulting can be invaluable.
John Mic
Love your list of very relevant points, Eve. I am not an accountant and I still agree with you. The true success measures for most businesses are cost control, revenue growth and trends measured by these two factors. Success is often determined by how the accountant engages with the overall business.
Richard W
Eve, I’ve never seen an accountant doing what you’re doing and actually talking about the business.
Mike Nash, Tall Emu CRM
The statistics clearly show that of the businesses that fail in their first 5 years the majority clearly fail due to “failed financial management”..

From my experience, even with good tools business owners need to get their head around some these basic principles. The problem is how the bridge the gap between the “geek-speak” and the practical application in the daily operation of a business.

Business owners still need mentors like eve to understand the principles.

Joseph Bernard, KnowareMen

  • 1. Professional Advice – no strings attached

    Your business is professionally reviewed by a Qualified CPA so you get the benefit of experience, analytics, systems and models, plus strategic advice all combined with 25 years of entrepreneurial experience.

  • 2. Quick and easy results with minimum of fuss

    For a small investment of your time you get a way to chart your your business improvements.

  • 3. Sleep more soundly at night

    You get greater peace of mind from having someone independent (and supportive) advise where to focus next to make really significant improvements.

  • 4. Flexible enough to work when you want

    We can undertake these check-ups at anytime to suit you – I fit in with you because working on your business often needs to happen outside of when you are working in your business – weekend work-days for us are common.

  • 5. A simple phone call or Skype if you prefer?

    There are several forms to provide the data as the basis of these Dashboards, these will be emailed to you. If you have opted for assistance, then you receive relevant and accurate advice, not just a random to-do list, and the ‘face-to-face’ time (on Skype or over the phone) enables us to make sure you will really unlock the hidden profits in your business.

  • 6. Get the Jump on your Competitors

    Your business needs to be running like a well oiled machine to be successful in the current market climate – using these Dashboards you can make sure everything is as efficient and effective as possible.

Eve Diamond
Eve Diamond
Eve Diamond has been described as the Super Nanny for small business and has helped hundreds of business owners during her 25 year career as an accountant.

Her reputation as straight talking, with a tell-it-like-it-is style, she is passionate about SMES and works with you to plan, report and analyse;- helping start-ups, maximising profit and cash-flow and optimising your exit strategies for when you are ready to “cash-out”.

The Approach…

Once you have been through the checkout, regardless of what size Dashboard you have ordered, the following steps need to happen:
  1. You need to gather some previous Data for processing
  2. Enter your previous Data into the spreadsheet – it will sort and categorise your business information and calculate the KPIs
  3. Create your dashboards – they update automatically from the calculations
  4. You can update the information weekly, monthly quarterly – as often as you like – to track your progress
  5. Analyse and review the information and assess what decisions need to be made to improve profit and success

Practical, and relevant, advice with easy solutions

For more details about working together, see: What to Expect and How Things Happen.

P.S. Take advantage of these practical solutions for your SME so you can supercharge your profits, growth, cashflow and dreams.


If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your money, in full, on the spot.

No ifs, no buts… I want you to be thrilled with what you receive, so your SME can really succeed.