What is Diamond Business Advisory ?

Diamond Business Advisory is an accounting practice that specialises in providing the highest quality strategic business advice to small businesses to fast track their growth and prosperity.

Diamond Business Advisory challenges traditional views that accountants are grey and boring!

Run by Eve Diamond, Diamond Business Advisory offers a full suite of hands on business advice and support that covers all elements of business growth, profit, organisational structure, staffing, processes and compliance – she will even help you get better value from your tax accountant.

Eve is the complete opposite of how you imagine a typical accountant. Her bold personality, extraordinary intelligence and deeply caring nature mean she is passionate and personally invested in the success of all her clients.  She’s feisty, committed and details focused.

When you bring Diamond Business Advisory into your business, it’s like having access to a high level CFO on your team.

Smart Keys
What problems does Diamond Business Advisory Solve for Clients?

Diamond Business Advisory provides small businesses with the highest quality strategic financial advice to fast track growth, improve profitability, resolve issues and support the personal goals of their founders and owners.

I make our clients confident about the financial fundamentals and direction of their businesses so they can focus on doing what they love.

What are Diamond Business Advisory’s capabiltites in this space?

  • Expertise

○Eve has unparalleled expertise across all areas of business growth, structural, management and taxation accounting. Eve is a Certified Practising Accountant and has a Bachelor of Economics with majors in accounting, and commercial law from Sydney University.

  • Experience

○Eve has more than 30 years experience as an accountant, chief financial officer and business development manager. She has run her own accounting practices and worked for globally listed companies both in Australia and overseas.

  • Energy

○Eve’s energy and enthusiasm for her clients sets her apart from other accountants and business consultants. She is passionate and personally committed to her clients businesses and brings tremendous energy into helping business owners better understand their businesses.

  • Empathy

○Eve understands first hand the challenges of running and growing a small business and making it bigger, more successful and more profitable. These can often be emotional, not just financial or intellectual, and she brings insight and understanding – plus the occasional moment of tough love.

In a nutshell we provide:
1. Tools – Free Stuff – checklists for you to download and use at your own leisure
2. Advice – Performance Solutions

You can clearly see WHEN and WHERE to make adjustments to your business;
• save money by making better investments
• decrease your business risk
• get clearer information to improve your business efficiency and
• develop a deeper understanding of business threats and
• reduce your compliance costs
We even help with the HOW to create more business value and build greater profit.