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Top 5 Bookkeeper Errors

Protect Your Business from Bookkeeper Errors Errors made by your bookkeeper usually show up as errors in your accounts. These errors have flow-on effect of causing errors: a. Payroll and Superannuation Errors - Entitlement issues, tax issues, long-service leave issues, being calculated and paid incorrectly b.

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Sort out Mark-up from Profit Margin

Because if you set your mark-ups to create negative margins it makes you go broke! All too often the term "Mark-up" is used interchangeably as "Profit Margin" (or Margin). So here are some Quick Definitions to help you clear this up once and for all! Profit

  • Profit versus Tax

Profit versus Tax

Profit versus Tax Is your Accountant Encouraging Bad Business Decisions???? (albeit inadvertently) Stop for a sec think about this... In a bid to reduce your taxes, do you forgo profit? Do you buy up extra "unnecessary" items in the Financial Year End Sales to gain the

  • 30 Business KPIs- Business KPIs Checklist - SME KPIs Coaching - Business KPIs Advice

Business KPI Checklist

Checklist - SME KPIs 30 Business KPIs covering all areas of your business Just because you’re an SME, and lack a large in-house IT department or a big consulting budget, don’t let that prevent you from getting the right information, at the right time. Use this

  • Can Accounting be Sexy - Diamond Business Advisory, Business Coaching, CFO advice

Can Accounting be Sexy Again?

Is Sexy Accounting becoming a myth? I have been trying to nail my tagline... One of the suggestions put forward is: "Diamond Advisory is like Viagra for your Business Dysfunction" It's aggressive, and didn't poll well with my target market, and I wont be using it. 


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