What to Expect? – A Better Business Of Course!

Expect useful information and sensible analysis; expect exceptional insights and relevant solutions; and expect to make more profitable decisions about your people, systems, controls and strategies.

Smart Accounting provide you an easy way to access high level financial skills with an informal approach

As you grow and your business needs change Smart Accounting continue to bring big picture thinking, and high level technical know-how, without losing sight of what makes your business special.

We also realise that bringing about change requires more than just a few reports so you also receive practical advice, and where required, the hands-on work, for delivering relevant and cost effective actions to easily improve your business.

  • Releasing Cashflow
  • Increasing Profit
  • Optimising Business Value
  • Effectively Managing Risk
  • Exploring Opportunities for Growth

What to Expect? – More Profit Of Course!

Cashflow Increases
Revenue Increases
Cost Reduction
Exit Value Gain

You truly can Increase Profit, Unlock Cash-flow, Optimise Growth and Realise Business Success

Smart Accounting take a down to earth approach to targeting specialist CFO advice for your SME

Getting Started

Focus only on useful business advice for increasing profit

We operate by using your numbers for creating clear and meaningful reports, analysing your information to decrease uncertainty by delivering knowledge, not just information, so you can make powerful (and more profitable) business decisions.

Listed below are the steps to engaging an informal CFO:

  1. Meet and have a cup of coffee – short discussion about your headaches and aspirations
  2. Further discuss how Smart Accounting can address obstacles and begin to create the business of your dreams
  3. Development and agreement of an Initial Opportunity Roadmap
  4. Signing of an Engagement letter based on the Proposal
  5. New Client Orientation

Delivery schedules that are scoped in accordance with the time and effort required by your business; your key staff are not likely to be able to drop everything to engage with us, so assignments are usually scheduled to be a few hours a week across two or three weeks – depending on requirements and staff availability. Of course, if you are in a hurry, work can be carried out in a much more intense burst.

Using our business maturity model we establish your current state-of-play and from there we work with you, usually starting with the easy low hanging fruit such as improving your cashflow, to grow your profits, improve business efficiency and reduce overall risks.

  • Quick and easy results with minimum of fuss

    You can start really small and grab low hanging fruit – from as little as 1 hour of your time (or your staffs’) you receive advice a list of NEXT STEP actions for any issues identified during our work, along with suggestions on actions you can take immediately to make your business better.

  • Professional Advice – no strings attached

    Leveraging 25 years as a CPA working for businesses from solo-preneurs to listed corporations and government departments, Eve really understands the importance of the numbers within your business. By using these numbers to inform what needs to be done, and how, you can create true business success. Plus unlike most business and sales coaches Eve’s financial acumen enables her to retain a “whole of business” perspective throughout your journey.

  • Your place or mine (or virtual)?

    You never have to take time out of your world to visit this office; Smart Accounting can come to you, you can come to here, or we can meet online (email, Skype, GoToMeeting). There are clients all over Australia, and quite a few around the globe. You get advice and support during the hours you need to get things done (even if that is an occasional extra late night, or a weekend).

How things Happen – Approach Methods and Process

To ensure you gain the best outcomes we will follow these steps of engagement management:

  • Examine – understand your goals and objectives then assess and analyse your past performance, investigate trends, and assess issues and areas needing a bit of extra love
  • Explore – run a set of ‘what if’ scenarios to show you how very small changes can make a major impact
  • Prioritise – agree your priorities to create a “plan of attack”
  • Design a smart solution – starting with easy wins develop practical solutions that fit your budget and your time-frame
  • Align – create and agree a project plan to keep you, and your staff, on track
  • Implement – provide all the advice and support you need to implement your plan
  • Test – confirm growth, improvements in profit and cash-flow are as expected to ensure you achieve your objectives
  • Maintain – measure and manage ongoing outcomes to embed ongoing sustained success and enable incremental improvements

More details on the full range of methods and processes you might experience are covered in How Things Happen.

Smart Accounting is the kind of accounting that


A complete move away from Tax and Compliance
(the boring and geeky parts of accounting)

Client Profile

True success comes when like-minded people are on the same wave length and working towards a common goal.

As an SME you don’t have access to all the specialist skills that big businesses can afford. That’s why Smart Accounting exist; to provide access for SMEs to the advice you need in a leveraged, affordable but effective manner can be the difference between achieving your vision or not.

You know more sales don’t necessarily mean more profit; working on the engine-rooms of your business is equally (if not more important) as important as generating customers and driving sales. Typically our business clients are bold, ambitious owners of businesses with the following profile:

  • Annual turnover of greater than $500K
  • Staff of more than 5 people
  • Business history of longer than 3 years

That said, some of our clients are start-ups and some are solo-preneurs….. If you are really looking for a better business then look no further.

By turning data into information and information into clear and understandable reports Smart Accounting enable business owners to make smarter decisions for running the business leaner, and more effectively, to increase the profits you take home.

Client Experiences

I first met Eve when I interviewed her for an article in our paper. I was impressed by her real understanding of the challenges that small business people faced.

At the time, The village Voice was struggling to make sense of financial advice provided by faceless men in big city firms. Here finaly, was someone I could relate to. Someone who could explain what all those numbers meant and why they were important without patting me on the head, telling me not to fuss and simply presenting me with a frightening bill.

After surviving six years in small business, I believe myself to be a relatively smart business woman, but have always been terrified of “the accounts”.

Eve and Smart Accounting have taught me how to read my accounts. She has taught me how my reports simply back up and explain the story of my business – without me having to rely overly hard on my gut instinct.

My business has grown exponentially under Eve’s guidance and my own knowledge about my business has lept dramatically. She is a straight talker and will not hesitate to tell me when I risk going astray. Equally however, she will listen to alternative points of view and sometimes even takes them on board!

They will not always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you what you need to hear. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Let me tell you a brief story….

You may or may not have been in a situation where for whatever reason you neglected the finances for a number of years. You would know that you had dug a big hole and by avoiding the issues you were just digging deeper. Two years ago I was there. It was an endless pit and the lights were out.

It was a right mess.

As I was new to the area I needed to find an accountant to sort out my mess and help me get into a position where I could move forward. I made numerous calls and was not very satisfied with the responses to my probing questions. It is very difficult selecting a “service provider” if none have been recommended.

Eventually I spoke with Eve and was very impressed that she wanted to ascertain what sort of character I was and how deep the hole was I had dug myself before agreeing to “take me on as a client’. Many people would have been offended by this but I knew that from that point on I wouldn’t settle for less than what they had to offer.

Today with a “sqeaky clean” slate in business and personal finance matters I am working with Eve in building an exciting new business. From my very satisfying experience I have and will continue to recommend Eve and her dedicated team of professionals to all my friends and business associates.

Don Grgic

Once you implement these recommendations, decisions you make for your business will invariably have a positive impact.

Who you work with

In simplest terms Eve solves the two biggest financial challenges of any business: making more money, and keeping more money.

Eve Blackall is a ‘business fixer’ dedicated to empowering business people with the right information, skills and knowledge to make each business dream a successful reality.

When you need someone who speaks accounting without the geek-speak, look no further. She can grow your business and solve your financial issues, using the Smart Accounting Profitology, Cashflowology and Exitology frameworks. Also there is no “handing off to someone more junior” – you get to deal one-to-one with the principal Eve Blackall to really ensure great business profits, and help you regain a sense of control over your business direction.

Having been a Group Financial Controller for several top 100 ASX listed entities, in addition to operating her own highly lucrative accounting practice, Eve is also the author of ‘Profitology – A practical and illustrated guide to discovering hidden profits for everyday business people.


Pay for what you use, not for fancy offices…

It is critical to the success of our relationship that there is a clear understanding of how you will be charged for services. You will either receive a fixed price quote for approval prior to work commencing, or you can choose to work on a “time expended” basis. The rate used depends on the type of work being requested and even in this case you will generally receive an indication in advance as to what the costs might be.

This rate is a bit more than your Bookkeeper but deliberately set to be quite a bit less than you are probably paying your Accountant – because with an informal CFO you are not for secretaries, fancy offices, or high-end lunches!

Take advantage of this fabulous rate – you are getting the best of the best! Smart Accounting keep overheads very low (plus the tools and methods already developed, tested and in place) so you get the advantage of a seasoned business advisor without the usual high price-tag.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Some Business overhauls require a massive investment of both your time and mine – so I am also willing back my judgement using one of a number of fee models including:

  1. retainer
  2. retainer plus upside
  3. and retainer, plus upside and equity participation

Engagements and quotes uses the following fee schedule (including GST) taking into account the level of expertise required:

  • Document Retrieval $55.00 per document
  • Administration $110 per hour
  • Consulting $220 per hour
  • Consulting $1200 per day

To make things easier, there are also some products and packages, like the business debugs and Simple Business Dashboard, that are fixed prices.

Differing from regular Accountants – YOU choose exactly how hands-on (or hands-off) your business needs.
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Increase your business profit by using this practical business advice; releasing cashflow, and growing business value and success.
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