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Diamond Business Advisory is an accounting practice that specialises in the highest quality strategic business advice so small and medium sized businesses can fast track their growth and prosperity.

Diamond Business Advisory challenges traditional views that accountants are grey and boring!

We work with our clients to ensure they are confident about the financial fundamentals and direction of their businesses so then they can really focus on doing what they love AND flourishing profitably.

A true business partner,
not a number crunching tax nerd

(although your tax accountant still plays a necessary role)

Working smarter

Get actual business advice and make better decisions = practical outcomes and strong results.

Geek-speak Free

Eve gives simple and direct advice never techy speak; she is not a dreary ‘pointy-headed’ accountant

Simple pricing

Competitively priced and charged by the hour – you agree every task in advance.

Open contracts

Choose to start with small tweaks, or launch into something big – whatever suits you.

Using an SME Business Partner equals:

√ Smarter Decisions
√ Better Business
√ Bigger Profits

Examples of our Business Advice

Start-Up Advice - SME Start-up Advisor

Get your business started on the right foot with brilliant advice on structure, costs and pricing with proactive accounting advice that will save you time and money as you grow.

Growth and Expansion Advice - SME Advisor

Avoiding growing pains and cash flow crunches; start scaling your business without sacrificing your profit.

Optimising Business Success by Eve Diamond

Sometimes experienced small tweaks can have an exponential impact, embedding continuous growth without burnout.

Process Advisor - Eve Diamond Business Advice

Ensuring your systems and processes support your staff (and your budget) and even start adding smart KPIs to keep your team on track.

SME Troubleshooting advice by Eve Diamond at Diamond Business Advisory


Sometimes in small business things go wrong – turning your business around involves understanding the core issues, identifying where the problems occurred and helping you work through your options and rebuild with confidence.

Selling Advice Exiting Advice - business advice Diamond Advisory

Significantly maximise your position when you exit with a little bit of advance planning – identifying the best way out and then getting the best structures in place to make the process as seamless and profitable as possible.

What makes this business partner different from my tax accountant?


Eve’s energy and enthusiasm for her clients sets her apart from other accountants and business consultants. She is passionate and personally committed to her clients businesses and brings tremendous energy into helping business owners better understand their businesses.


Eve understands first hand the challenges of running and growing a small business to make it bigger, more successful and more profitable. These can often be emotional, not just financial or intellectual, and she brings insight and understanding – and occasional moments of tough love.


Eve has more than 30 years experience working as an accountant, chief financial officer and business development manager. She has run her own accounting practices and worked as a business partner and CFO for recognised globally listed companies both in Australia and overseas.


Eve and her team have unparalleled expertise across all areas of business growth, structural, management and taxation accounting. Eve is a Certified Practicing
Accountant and has a Bachelor of Economics with majors in accounting, and commercial law from Sydney University.

Where to get started…..

Tools and Templates

Diamond Business Advisory offers checklists, quizzes and guides that can get you started, save you time, and cover a few more bases than you might have thought of yourself. These are available to download for free from the Good Stuff page.

Consulting Services

Diamond Business Advisory offers personalised business advisory and accounting services on a project basis or retainer for longer term commitments. These services can range from delivering a single solution, or full chief financial officer solution. We can also run an accounting audit over your business to understand where the issues are and what needs fixing if you are really stuck.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

Articles and Blogs

The Diamond Business Advisory website features blogs and articles that answer common accounting and business questions and current issues with a bit of fun and sass.  These are free to use – with over 100 blog posts (spanning nearly 10 years of research) there is quite a variety to choose from on our Blog.

Brilliant Business Advice SME Business Advisor

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