About Diamond Advisory – SME CFO Service

Diamond Advisory has evolved to address many issues SMEs are facing with their tax accountant and best describes the mix of accounting, business analysis, consulting, entrepreneurism and financial coaching this business uses for improving your profits, unlocking your cash-flow, increasing your growth and optimising your business value.

Whatever is troubling you, the right expertise, until now, has been hard to find and often very expensive. Diamond Advisory are different, providing business solutions that are clear and meaningful, with structure and support, so that you can effectively tackle, and remove your business worries.

Working with Diamond Advisory’s SME CFO you can take advantage of accounting techniques and consulting know-how to examine the things that matter in your business and create strategic plans you can follow through to fantastic growth and brilliantly profitable results.

Client referrals are Diamond Advisory’s best source of new business

So, giving you the right advice, at the right price, in the right way, not only guarantees your business success, it guarantees our success as well.

SME CFO Services

You engage Diamond Advisory SME CFO services, by Eve Diamond, which include analysis, advice and projects that can cover any or all of the following seven key areas of your business:

  • Cashflow release and management
  • Revenue optimisation – pricing and product mixes
  • Cost reduction – supplier reviews, improvement of efficiencies, reduction of waste and rework
  • Reporting, dashboards and KPIs
  • Business strategy, business planning, forecasting and budgeting, what-if analysis
  • Governance – reviewing and managing staff, inventory, quality, risks etc
  • Value realisation – getting exit ready, and selling for the best possible price

Join our clients who have already boosted their business value and profit with brilliant results.

Tools and Resources

Diamond Advisory know that SME life isn’t easy – simple spreadsheets, and easy checklists are hard to find. Because helping business is why we exist, this site has quite a few Free Options, (and some other not very expensive ones) developed so you can start improving your business right now.

You can simply fill in the details to download:

Click one of the icons above, or use the shop and to make your purchase (all of our free things are available in the shop as well as via forms; the shop method enables you to download several items together, rather than one at a time).

Relationships develop from profitable projects and projects develop from successful relationships.

Projects and Relationships

Projects are defined length engagements.
SME CFO projects usually start with an analysis of the business to scope and sign-off on priorities and outcomes, ending when your agreed deliverables are completed.

The length of time can vary from a few hours to six months or more – it is not the time-frame but the specified focus that categorises these as projects.

Although our work varies greatly from project to project and client to client, so often relationships develop from projects and projects develop from relationships.

Relationships are open ended engagements
SME CFO relationships receive ongoing consulting and financial coaching, weekly or monthly, as you need.

In these circumstances your work becomes a cross between an SME CFO and a mentor, receiving guidance and advice, with the added benefit of acting with an intimate understanding of your business, and the key personalities.

This is a very cost effective way to access experience without the added cost of a full-time senior executive.

Eve’s approach and her ability to strive to deliver solutions in both an innovative and creative way is second to none. Not always taking the first option, but also exploring all of the possibilities then crystallising the ideas that will ensure a successful outcome for all. Eve then leads the solution implementations as well. This is a great asset to have.

Andrew Symons, Wipro

How Diamond Advisory Work

Working with you to pull back the layers of your business and build a deeper understanding of your present capacity, then developing a plan that ensures everything works in harmony, both now and as you continue to grow.

Leveraging the experiences of working for hundreds of businesses from solo-preneurs to listed corporations and government departments, and really understanding the importance of the numbers within your business, then using these numbers to underpin what needs to be done and how.

Smart Accounting has led the way in Australia for 25 years as CPA accounting firm with a difference. Want to see why? Have a look at the Smart Accounting framework:

Some clients choose to work together through only one or two of these steps, taking over the reigns themselves; others engage ongoing support systematically increasing business growth.

  • Examine – understand where your business currently is at
  • Explore – how very small changes can make a major impact
  • Prioritise – agree your priorities to create a “plan of attack”
  • Develop a smart solution – choose practical options that fit your budget and your time-frame
  • Align – create and agree a project plan to keep you, and your staff, on track
  • Implement – provide all the advice and support you need along the way
  • Test – confirm growth and improvements are as expected
  • Maintain – embed ongoing sustained success and enable incremental improvements

For more information see Business Process.

Your business can begin to generate better information and therefore deliver clear management reports – Financial Dashboards – to simply show exactly where you are heading as well as when, and where to make adjustments for solving problems and removing niggles.

Clients see measurable improvements from the very beginning and say they feel empowered because they are being educated throughout the process. Together we make sure you optimise your business profits and value, time and again.

You benefit from shared knowledge, not just tax-data, to create true business success, plus unlike most business and sales coaches Diamond Advisory also have the financial acumen to retain a “whole of business” perspective throughout your journey.

From a quick review, to ongoing support, there are all sorts of ways to develop your business using an SME CFO!
Try increasing your profit, unlocking cash-flow, solving niggles and optimising the value of your business.

Why choose Diamond Advisory

Your strengths lie in what you are choosing to do (not being an accountant) so Diamond Advisory working alongside you, advising and coaching, to turn your business expansion ideas into an actuality.

  • An Accounting firm that works smarterthe practical business advice you need to grow
  • No Geek-speak – access a tool-box of proven sophisticated systems and models to leverage powerful growth in your business
  • Work with us for as long as you like – from one hour Cashflow Debug to ongoing SME CFO engagements
  • One-to-one with the principal Eve Diamond to really ensure business growth, and help you regain a sense of control over your business direction
  • Pricing is straight-forward – all engagements are designed with your business cash-flow in mind.

Diamond Advisory’s commitments to you are:

  • Being honest, reliable and maintaining our professionalism at all times
  • Being responsive and easy for you to do business with
  • Using a comprehensive range of specialist capabilities, drawing from cross-industry experience and networks
  • Delivering excellence (always keeping our commitments)
At last, accountants who who believe there is a universe beyond tax, who are passionate about a better way of working with with SMEs; driving more profitable growth by bringing a little extra help, and some really really useful tools.