I’m Eve Diamond and Diamond Advisory is my specialist accounting practice.

I work with clients to fast track their growth and prosperity – this includes developing their confidence in financial fundamentals and their clarity in the business direction; enabling clients to really focus on doing what they love AND flourishing profitably.

Having a CPA on your team is a powerful business asset; by using my experience and training I can uncover GOLD in your business data to highlight strengths and weaknesses. I quickly identify obstacles and recommend fixes for rapid improvements, growth and profits.

Although I am a professional accountant I constantly challenge the traditional views that accountants are grey and boring!

I guarantee that working together will be incredibly rewarding.  Otherwise, what is the point?

I am a true business partner,
not a number crunching tax nerd!

(plus your tax accountant still plays a necessary role in how you and I can work together)
Eve Diamond - Business Mentor, Business fixer, Business Coach and all round Business Improver
SME Business Advisor, Small Business Advisory, Business Fixer, Business Coach

Using an SME Business Partner equals:

√ Smarter Decisions
√ Better Business
√ Bigger Profits

Working smarter

Get actual business advice and make better decisions = practical outcomes and strong results.

Geek-speak Free

Eve gives simple and direct advice never techy speak; she is not a dreary ‘pointy-headed’ accountant

Simple pricing

Competitively priced and charged by the hour – you agree every task in advance.

Open contracts

Choose to start with small tweaks, or launch into something big – whatever suits you.

Examples of my Business Advice

Business Coach, Tax Accountant,
Marketing Specialist, Profit Guru..

There are lots of advisors out there offer McDonald’s kinds of services – the one size fits all approach to growth and profit improvement.

They sell you their systems, then they try and fit you a round peg into their already cut out square hole.

Sometimes this works – some businesses are already quite generic –  so sometimes there is growth and profit.

Your business deserves professional support not ‘off the shelf’, one size fits all, business coaching.


Diamond Advisory - business advice based on your individual needs

Eve Diamond
Diamond Business Advisory

In order to get the very best outcomes however, in my experience every single business is different and so each one needs a bespoke solution.

Solutions that involves spending time with the founders, applying critical thinking and deep business experience and by working together we can then implement growth and profitable change.

The best solutions that start with small wins, and mature with trust and time into long term business relationships where the business is thriving and founders’ dreams are achieved.

Brilliant Business Advice includes:


Eve’s energy and enthusiasm for her clients sets her apart from other accountants and business consultants. Consequently, she is passionate and personally committed to her clients businesses and brings tremendous energy into helping business owners better understand their businesses.


Eve understands first hand the challenges of running and growing a small business to make it bigger, more successful and more profitable. These challenges can often be emotional, not just financial or intellectual, and she brings insight and understanding – and occasional moments of tough love.


Eve has more than 30 years experience working as an accountant, chief financial officer and business development manager. Moreover, she has run her own accounting practices and worked as a business partner and CFO for recognised globally listed companies.


Eve and her advisors have unparalleled expertise across all areas of business growth, taxation, cost and management accounting. Importantly, Eve is a Certified Practicing Accountant and has an Economics Degree majoring in stats, accounting and commercial law from Sydney University.

Where to get started…..

…fast ways to effectively tackle your business pain points