Profit Improvement - Business Advice, business coaching, CFO advice

Profit Improvement


Profit Improvement Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory helped a hospitality business create sustainable 30% profits year on year.

Business Growth - business advice, business coaching, cfo advice

Business Growth


Business Growth Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory helped a Software Developer put in place industry best practice systems and processes to facilitate rapid exponential revenue growth

Startup Coaching - Diamond Business Advisory

Jennie Cody


A wealth of valuable resources - I downloaded all 4 and couldn't be happier.... I've been in my own business nearly 20 years and I still found things that were new and that I could apply.

Business Troubleshooting advice by Eve Diamond at Diamond Business Advisory



High Speed Troubleshooting Help when sometimes in small business things go very wrong!!!!

Testimonial - Business Coaching, Business Advisor, SME Coaching

Don Grjic


I have, and will continue to recommend Eve and her dedicated team of professionals to all my friends and business associates.

Business Exit Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory Business Exit Coach

Jaki Sippo


Getting "exit ready" streamlined my day to day business operations, as well as increasing the overall business value.

Business Sale Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory Business Sale Coach

Helen Wilkie


Many business owners would love to have this help because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Profit Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory Business Coach

Amanda Salomon


Great Advice. Data collected and managed in proper ways plays an important role for any growing organization.

Profit Solutions Quote - diamond Advisory SME Coach

Jamie Greenwood


You are also not (excuse the pun) BORING! Entrepreneurs tend to be high voltage energetic creatures… boring won’t sell to us.

Cash-flow Solutions - Diamond Advisory Cash flow Coaching

Nigel Fitzpatrick


Diamond Advisory cash flow solution that ease pressures and stresses for small business owners is a win – win

Exit solutions - exit advice diamond business advisory

Exit Plan


High Speed Exit Plan BEFORE you sell your business uncover how to fetch the best price!

stalled profit and sales - get the business coaching and business advice you need

Profit Plan


High Speed Profit Plan Flush out business niggles and the issues that (should??) keep you awake at night.

budgeting challenges - get the business coaching and business advice you need

Budget Plan


High Speed Budget Plan Flush out Budget niggles and the root causes of the Forecasting issues that keep you awake!

cashflow solutions - cashflow advice diamond business advisory

Cash-flow X-Ray


High Speed Cash-flow Plan Flush out Cash-flow niggles and the root causes of the cash-flow issues that keep you awake!

Small Business Coaching Diamond Advisory Testimonial GG

Gerard Gibney


Eve was always the most down to earth and practical accountancy person I have ever met

Start-Up Advice - SME Start-up Advisor

Start-up Advice


Start on the right foot with brilliant advice on structure, costs and pricing with proactive accounting advice that will save you time and money as you grow.

Growth and Expansion Advice - SME Advisor

Growth and Expansion Advice


A growing business can be demanding, and to grow any enterprise, no matter what size, you need sound advice. That’s where Diamond Advisory come in – working with you ensuring the advice your business receives makes everything work in harmony, both now and into the future.

Optimising Business Success by Eve Diamond

Maintaining Business Success


Your business is going well, but could it do better? Sometimes experienced small tweaks can have an exponential impact and Diamond Advisory specialises in brilliant insights on profitability and structuring for continuous growth without burnout. We

Selling and Exiting Advice - business advice Diamond Advisory

Selling and Exiting Advice


Did you know you can significantly improve your payout when you exit with a little bit of advance planning?? Make sure you are well prepared for every opportunity that may arise.

Cashflow improvement advice - cash flow solutions Diamond Advisory SME cashflow Advisory

Cash flow Improvement


Cash flow Improvement Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory helped a hospitality business to have 35% cash flow increase and also cost savings of over 9% in the first twelve months.

Labour Force Optimisation - SME Advisory Staffing Advice

Staffing Optimisation


Staffing Optimisation Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory assessed staff as being appropriately placed and/or appropriately paid

Business Turnaround Case Study - business advisor

Business Turnaround


Business Turnaround Case Study - Diamond Business Advisory cut operational costs by 17% and increase funding by 12%


Eve Diamond, Brilliant Business Advice

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