Great Objectives ensure you achieve your hearts desires…

Having a vision, or “grand design” is one thing – but without activities it will always remain only a vision!
The best objectives, and by that I mean ones that are achieved and celebrated, all have these elements in common:

  1. Good Wording

    – start your objective with a verb (doing word) to focus on keeping you moving
    Ask  what are you going to do? e.g. what activities will achieve this goal?

  2. One clear measure

    – include a metric; Dollars, Number of, Percentage
    Ask how will we capture progress? e.g. number of sit-ups in one minute

  3. Realistic Target

    – lock in an end value; make it a stretch but achievable
    Ask where do you want the measure to get to? e.g. 20 sit-ups in one minute

  4. Timeframe

    – a period during which you will achieve the target
    Ask by when will the target be reached? e.g. by 1 Feb 2013

  5. Actions

    – activities undertaken to stay on track and achieve objective
    Ask what actions to you need to take this week/month to move you closer to your target? e.g. start by doing 20 sit-ups every third day and increase my sit-up speed to reach target

  6. Tracking

    – regular monitoring of progress and adjustment of actions if needed
    Ask how are we going? e.g. do a time trial once a week and log in diary to assess if I need to make any changes

For Example: I set a goal
Achieve 20 sit-ups in 1 minute by the 1st November 2012
I start with 20 sit-ups every third day and increase my sit-up speed until I reach my target. My Diary will record my times each week to monitor progress and taking further exercise if necessary.

Do your objectives past the “6 Element Test”?