FREE Cash-Flow Masterclass

13 days
Learn ways to free up cash-flow in your business and reduce your company headaches fast.

Find out what causes Cash-flow blocks and how to remove them once and for all!

This email course covers the following 12 aspects of Cash-flow:

  • Day 1   –   Cash-flow versus Profit – how they differ
  • Day 2  –   Where your Cash-flow flows
  • Day 3  –   Understand what Cash Costs
  • Day 4  –   Clarify what do you want from your Cash-flow
  • Day 5   –  Take Charge of Customers
  • Day 6   –  Take Control of your Suppliers
  • Day 7   –  Take Stock of Stock
  • Day 8   –  Check on your Borrowings
  • Day 9   –  The Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT
  • Day 10  –  Get Serious about Debt Collection
  • Day 11   –  Allow for Deposits and Refunds
  • Day 12  –  Keep your team in the loop
  • Day 13  –  Wrap it up

with a fresh lesson arriving in your Inbox each day, it is designed to be easy to access and easy to implement.



Over 12 consecutive days this masterclass will show you where and how to unblock your cash-flow and get your business humming again.
This course is designed to look at your Staff, Processes, Customers, Systems and Suppliers and help you make changes to remove cash-flow blocks.
NOTE: This course is not designed to improve your profit or activate growth;
that may be a side-effect.
I can help you work on your business in all sorts of ways.

No Nonsense, No Geek-Speak!
I quickly learned how cash flow works and saw the benefits of monitoring and managing my money.
Starting with the building blocks of a cash-flow projection– what impacts flow, where and why – this course builds your financial knowledge and confidence.
I saved myself mistakes, time and money!

Sally Davidson

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Cashflow Masterclass – business cash-flow help and advice

A note from the Trainer

Learning about cash-flow should not be difficult or boring. (OK so it may not be the most fun you have ever had, but it will bring cash-flow results and reduce your stress levels.)

I bring to each lessons a warm personality, a sharp and insightful mind and an eye for troubleshooting and rebuilding business processes.  So, these training courses are extremely popular.

As background I have also previously been a trainer for CPA Australia’s Finance for non-Finance people, so I guarantee you will definitely get value from this course.

Eve Diamond

Eve Diamond Business Coach, Business Mentor, Business Advisor