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FREE Cash-flow Masterclass

12 days
Learn ways to free up cash-flow in your business and reduce your company headaches fast.

Find out what causes Cash-flow blocks and how to remove them once and for all!

This email course covers the following 12 aspects of Cash-flow:

  • Day 1 – Set-up your Cash-flow
  • Day 2 – Understand what Cash Costs
  • Day 3 – Clarify what do you want from your Cash-flow
  • Day 4 – Take Control of your Customers
  • Day 5 – Take Control of your Suppliers
  • Day 6 – Take Stock of your Stock
  • Day 7 – Get Serious about Debt Collection
  • Day 8 – The Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT
  • Day 9 – Allow for Deposits and Refunds
  • DAY 10 – Take Stock of your Debts
  • DAY 11 – Time to get Tough
  • Day 12 – Keep your team in the loop

with a fresh lesson arriving in your Inbox each day, it is designed to be easy to access and easy to implement.

No Nonsense, No Geek-Speak!
I quickly learned how cash flow works and saw the benefits of monitoring and managing my money.
Starting with the building blocks of a cash-flow projection– what impacts flow, where and why – this course builds your financial knowledge and confidence.
I saved myself mistakes, time and money!

Sally Davidson

A note from the Trainer

Learning about cash-flow should not be difficult or boring (OK so it may not be the most fun you have ever had, but it will bring cash-flow results and reduce your stress levels)

I bring to each lessons a warm personality, a sharp and insightful mind and an eye for troubleshooting and rebuilding business processes.  So these training courses are extremely popular.

As background I have also previously been a trainer for CPA Australia’s Finance for non-Finance people, so I guarantee you will find some value in this course.

Eve Diamond

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Cashflow Masterclass – business cash-flow help and advice
Over 12 consecutive days this masterclass will show you where and how to unblock your cash-flow and get your business humming again.
This course is designed to look at your Staff, Processes, Customers, Systems and Suppliers and help you make changes to remove cash-flow blocks.

NOTE: This course is not designed to improve your profit or activate growth;
that may be a side-effect.
I can help you work on your business in all sorts of ways.